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question about Atomic Affinity Pure for Intermediate skier?

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Hi everybody!

Just wanted to get someone's opinion, since I'm not able to go to store at the moment and am debating buying Atomic Affinity Pure skis online. 

The problem is, I've found mixed descriptions on different websites. Some say that it's for strong intermediate skiers, some say it's for advanced and some even say that it's a beginner ski.  For some reason I really set my eyes on it and even found a pretty good pair on sale but I'm worried it they just may be too soft for me?

I'm a 19 year old girl, height- 169cm, weight-65kg. I've been skiing every winter since I was 8 or 9 so I'd say that I have a pretty good technique, I almost always stay on groomed slopes (I basically ski on powder only when it hasn't been groomed yet after a night of snowfall) and I do not like skiing exceptionally fast. I make a lot of carving turn- I like to kinda go on a moderate speed and enjoy myself. I'm comfortable on black slopes. Not sure what level can that be considered as, I'm guessing a strong intermediate, maybe advanced? 

So, do you think 160cm Atomic Affinity Pures will be a good match for me?I'm kind of hoping that it is, the price is great and I fell in love with the design too :D But I can't got to the store right now, and plus I'm thinking if I went to different stores I'd get different opinions, just like from the websites.

Thank you for your help!

Best wishes, Tamta


edit: currently I own Salomon aeromax S I believe, it was a gift back in 2010 so not much thought went into that one , and now I feel I need something more. Would the Atomics be a good upgrade to that?

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Hi. Welcome to EpicSki. 


Admittedly, I haven't been on the Pure but I've been on the Storm(more advanced version of this ski) .

The Pure is strictly an intermediate ski, if that's what you're looking for. 


The Affinity series is a really easy line to ski and should help you get to the next level of skiing.  You may outgrow the Pure this season, but that's a good thing.  

Next year you'll be asking about the Millennium for your powder cat trip :D 


If price is a concern, you could also look at Start Haus' Nordica Blemish sale.  Some amazing skis there for killer deals. 


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I own this ski and it seems kind of stiff to me and not as easy to turn as another pair of skis I have by a different manufacturer.  Curious as to what makes the Affinity Pure strictly an intermediate ski.

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I still love the pure but ended up also buying the Volkl Viola which is a part of the essenza line.  I am in love with this ski, its just so nimble.  I will most likely be selling the atomics.

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Tampta - Two things that keep the Pure more in the intermediate realm are the tip rocker and its overall weight (very light). While the Pure has really good edge grip and a lively feel at moderate speeds, the fact that you are dealing with less effective edge (due to tip rocker) and slightly decreased dampness (due to lightweight core structure), means it can deflect or chatter a bit at higher speeds and on steeper slopes. In other words, when the ski is really pushed by advanced skiers making GS turns at high speeds, it can feel like it's giving up on you. But that's also not what it's designed for.


If that's not what you're out there doing though, as far as quickness edge-to-edge and the ability to manipulate a bunch of different turn shapes, the Pure is pretty hard to beat. Hope that helps!

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