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Your favorites, upsides, downsides

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So whats your favorite backcountry spot and why? What do love about it? What do you hate? Difficult to get to? How do you prepare?
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I like the white ones, because they're faster than the brown ones, and there's less wear and tear on your gear.

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Lots of snow that isn't tracked out.


Small group of friends whose judgement and knowledge I trust-- and who feel the same way about me-- and who aren't afraid to challenge a risk assessment (particularly at risk-assessment that isn't conservative enough). And who are dialed into the same general risk-appetite and don't mind turning back if it means assuring ourselves to get more turns another day.


Low(er) risk of avalanches, terrain traps.


Not too difficult to access should something go wrong.


Not too easy to access, in order to avoid crowds (see item #1). 


Beautiful scenery. 


Fun terrain, bonus if it combines open bowls/fields up top, trees lower down, and a combination of very steep and more mellow. 


Deep snow. 

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