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Targhee early December

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We are considering coming to targhee for a few weeks the early part of december this year 2013.  I am wondering how many runs have generally been open on there opening days the past few years and what one might expect around this time of year?  


I was there in March and loved it.  Any chance Marys nipple would be open or Dream catcher?  


People were hiking the teton pass as well.  Might that be open and any suggestions where to go there as I haven't done that yet.



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I swear we should post a sticky called "early December trips". It would save Tony so much time...
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Yes it would.  Targhee is one of the most reliable places anywhere mid to late December. Early December is pushing it anywhere.


The sticky should say, "Do not advance commit airfare anywhere in November or early December." There's a very short list of places to consider in mid-December, Targhee being one of them, but the best advice is to wait until a few weeks ahead and see where the early snow is.


Great skiing in early December is best had within drive distance.  You go when it's good, and stay home otherwise.





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I also went to targhee last December and it was really awesome. My family really enjoyed there. It is good to be there in nov -dec.






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It is good to be there in nov -dec. 

There's a significant difference early vs. late in that time frame.  In the past 17 seasons Targhee has been 100% open on Dec. 15 in 15 of them and in the worst case was 50% open.


For 13 seasons where I have the info Targhee averages 62% open on Dec. 1, with 4 seasons of 100% and 3 seasons of less than 25%. 


Targhee is arguably the most consistent and reliable lift served area for early season snow in North America.  Even here it's clear that before Dec. 1 is not a good bet for advance booking.  For many destination resorts, the profile at Christmas is quite similar to Targhee's on Dec. 1, thus the "sticky" recommendation above.  

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