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Ski Make: Nordica
Ski Model: SUV 12x (2004) model
Ski Length: 180cm
Snow Conditions Used In: week old crud, hard pack, hard pack moguls, moguls with chicken heads, crud moguls, crud piles, wind pack, soft pack, virgin corderoy, 3" powder, Montana ice....
Number of Days Used: 5
Your Ability: 9+ (when I'm paying attention)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 38
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 50
Other Skis You Like: Pocket Rockets, 1080s, V-Pros, Volkl G30/G31, Bandit XX, Intuitiv 74
Your Height/Weight: 5 foot 11, 180 lbs

I bought these skis from an aquaintence for my hardsnow skis. When I got them the first things I noticed was the big difference between the tip and tail width (115/70/99), the bindings were mounted in a more traditional location instead of more forward like most of my other skis and they came with Marker bindings.

The Marker bindings were a concern because the combination of crud piles and Marker bindings has not been a good one for me in recent years. The first thing I did on these skis was seek out heavy crud piles to blast them through. The 1200 Titanium Markers have worked great in conditions earlier models would have prereleased in. The Markers are connected to the ski via a track they glide on and I have been very impressed with how smooth the interface is. (K2 has models with a similar interface and I would recommend looking into it if you are buying K2 skis.)

Because these skis have a 70mm waist they keep being put in the 'All-Mountain Cruiser' category but I would easily compare them with some of the cross skis. They have excellent edge hold on hard snow and ice. There is one run at Bridger where the snow gets scraped to smooth, textureless ice that is almost impossible to get an edge into. These skis bit in with no effort.

They are great in crud and adequate in powder. Their biggest problem in powder is they are stiff so you can't make tight turns in deep, soft powder on them without muscling them around.

The place these skis really shine for me though is in moguls. They are too stiff to be skied at a 180cm length in tight, short moguls but we rarely get those here. For the long, deep moguls of Montana they work fine. Because of the straighter tail and the position of the binding they can be skied through moguls using older techniques. You can also initiate a tight turn on them mid ski which is helpful in steep moguls. Other skis like my Viper X PPS's required me to be forward in order to initiate the turn on the front of the ski. The tail hold an edge well but can be skidded around when necessary.

In wide open spaces this ski are dangerously fun. They have an extremely smooth ride and really come to life at high speeds. I have found myself seeking out rutted hardpack and ice for the joy of carving a smooth turn in conditions I used to chatter through.

If you are looking at skis like the Volkl 5-Star, Salomon Crossmax 10, Rossignol RPMs these skis are worth looking at. I should note that a 170cm length would be a more ideal size for me if I weren't in Montana.