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Customized, Handmade Kid Skis at Reasonable Prices - The Earth is Shifting...

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OK, the Earth really is shifting.  Several extremely well respected, innovative small U.S.A ski companies are diving into kids skis in a way that should interest anyone who thinks a high quality ski makes skiing more enjoyable.



Junior MVP - 120cm, 130cm : $399 usd


Le Petite - 143cm, 153cm, 163cm : $599 usd






Kids 100 - 100cm 103/80/97
ASHER 6 - 120cm 117/90/111
Kids 140 - 140cm 128/95/121
CHUNK  147cm 136-112-126 r=15.5m


$200-$300 ($475 for the Chunk) when an adult ski is purchased at $850.




Caleb Weinberg at ROMP has a new program this year - Kid skis start at $200-$300 usd ($475 for the Chunk powder ski) if you buy one pair of their customized skis (starting at $850 usd).  Here's the icing on the cake....you can customize the kid skis with flex, rocker and high tech materials such as carbon fiber or the new exotic Countervail vibration dampening carbon composite (used by Bianchi bicycles and Wagner Custom Skis).  Personally, I am intrigued by the ability to get kids into a high-quality, handmade ski customized with just the right rocker, flex and  behavior for $200-$300, just by buying my own customized ski from the same builder.


Oh...and they can pick from more than 50 graphic topsheet designs!


This should shake up the way people think about the standard PU-injected, cap ski so many kids spend so much time on before they are old enough for a more well-made ski. Not that the lightweight, PU cap ski is terrible, but many of the junior skiers we see running around the mountain these days on those PU skis would RIP on a ski with a wider performance envelope and high-performance materials.  Getting a population of these smaller, high-quality skis into the world also means the hand-me-downs will get really, really good...since most little skiers get one, maybe two seasons out of a ski before they outgrow it.  Hmmmm....


We will hopefully be testing a pair of the 140cm kid skis early this season with real kids....so stay tuned!

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I can think of a lot of members that will be interested in this, and their kids rip.  Good report.

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I want to set my two boys up this year with killer gear.  Like wood core skis, 3 or more buckle boots etc.


They are about 120cm tall and 50 pounds each.


Should they be skiing on anything longer than 120's?  They grow so fast...


K2, Line, and Rossi have high quality wood core offerings too.  


What to do?

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We are getting off the OP, but if you have the money buy new or go to a ski shop that does sales with a guaranteed buyback when the kids outgrow the gear.  Heck, those powder skis above look cool for some lucky kid.   I took another route, buying gently used equipment for great prices in the offseason, and "new" skis a season or two old for great prices (with most kid skis only the tops change from year to year).  I can tune skis, so getting used equipment that they boys didn't have to grow into was great because it could be sold for around what I paid for it.  There are decent boots out there, and some may be too stiff for a 50 pounder.  Some manufacturers, like Lange, make a whole series of youth boots with a different stiffness.  With some manufacturers, there is little difference between the racing and freestyle boots for kids (maybe just the graphics or a power strap). Regardless, the better the youth boot the more important it is to fit right. Size of skis?  That depends how good they are.

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I always bought for my son.  We skied enough, and it was high enough on my list of priorities, that I wanted him to have the best experience possible.  I have no regrets.  He was bigger than most of his friends, so when he outgrew stuff it worked for his friends for a year.  Then we gave them to the neighbor's kid.  In my mind, it was a good a good investment - 5 or 6 kids all became skiers!

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I also purchased new.  Mounted with demo's I'd usually get two years and then hand them down to the younger brother.  Till he started snowboarding.

Boot's were a bigger problem.

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I own 2 pairs of Romps, the 100s and the 106s and then yup, my son talked me into getting him a pair of the 106s too.


Best skis I've ever owned and have dramatically improved my skiing and fun factor.

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How did I miss this thread?  These must sell well to those folks that rock the $5,000 strollers.

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