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Put out to pasture: Golden Goats

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My old goats have had it.  No mas.  My favorite ski of all time...Put out to pasture.


My quiver looks like this:


2008 Slockli Stormrider XL (85mm)

2008 Volkl Gotama (105mm)

2012 Rossi S7 (115mm)


Level 8/Expert with 40 years exp.


I don't have a 98mm ski.  Didn't think I needed one as the goat is all mighty.  I do like my brothers Prophet 98 though, they just don't bust up Squaw Valley crud like the goats.


So I am having a hard time deciding...get some 98's, or stay with 10Xmm underfoot as my do-all/travel ski.


Been reading up here a lot and it seems the 10Xmm ski is kind of like the red headed step child.  


Most of you run the 80/98/11X combo... 


Never had a problem with 10Xmm underfoot...why 98?


So in between bonafide or cochise...maybe new Soul 7.


Thank you kindly...

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This version?


(I'm still very fond of it)


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These ones...

The little Buddhas have since delaminated...
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Great skis.  I think everyone's little Buddhas delaminated.


Fist decision is whether you want a wider all mountain ski - a wider Stormrider kind of thing - and here I'm thinking a Nordica Enforcer type of ski.  The other option is a more versatile (and narrower) fun shape ski, which gets you to the Soul7 / Sin7 type of space.  Depends on what you want the middle ski to do for you; carve around the hill with a premium on dealing with harder, junky snow, or slash and slither around in lighter pow.


Perhaps your choice between the Nordica El Capo (metal laminate) or Vagabond (i-Core)?


Hard choice as the high-nineties and noughties spaces are full of great skis.


Edit - for my money (for me) it would be the Enforcer, the Hell and Back or the Cham 97.


Best of luck.

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Great skis. Many happy days...! I peeled my buddas off and stuck them to the wall. I finally retired mine last year and gave them to a bro who buys his skis at yard sales and skis better than nearly all of us. He moved to Vermont and I recon they'll make a decent east coast powder ski....
I'm thinking Soul Sevens next...
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Awesome skis. I had my best-ever run at my home mtn on those (same versions, Buddha started peeling off around week two). Bindings are still around, on a friend's skis. 

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How big of a guy are you? Your older generations of Volkls were truly special and had a loyal following. The "one oh something" segment is quite interesting and ski With much more versatility that their size would indicate. For crud busting Squaw two skis come up, the El Capo and the new Stockli SR107, if staying 98' the Bonafide is still tough to beat.
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I have a pair of the "Tokiyo Nights" version of the Goat that I would like to sell.  They are great skis, but I just don't use them anymore.

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Thank you for all the replies.  


Phil I am 5'9" 160lbs.  Age 44.  20 days a year if I am lucky.  I like to chase storms up I80 from the bay area...So I ski mostly fresh or tracked out dumps here and there.  Lot's of crud and cement and ice too when up with the kids...


OT - Looking to get new sticks for my 7 and 8 year old.


They are both 48 inches (121cm) tall and 50 pounds.  Can ski anywhere.  I would like to get them on 120cm skis with 75mm foot, that's as tall as they are...They just outgrew their Dynastars 100cm foam cores that were ok.    


Looking at K2 Juvy, Line Super Hero, anything with a 75ish foot...




Buddha says demo Elcapo.

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