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Skis for Alberta/BC

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I'm 5'11" 145 pounds, advanced but not expert skiier. Looking for a ski that will excel in trees/bumps, and be fun in bowls if there's a bit of fresh snow, but also be at least manageable on hardpack/groomers.

Thinking of Soul 7s or E98s. Advice appreciated.
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Wow, if you're thinking of one of those, you can eliminate the other.

Of those two, I'm guessing you would like the Soul 7 much, much better than the E-98.

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Soul 7 of the two you listed... A can't think of two more completely different skis and agree with skierish, especially for your size and weight given what you want the ski to do.

( The E-98 isn't a skinny guy's ski all that much.)
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Why just those two? (Although IMO the Soul 7 would be a great ski for you, and agree you should stay clear of the E98.) There are other nice skis, some pretty cheap, some not, for a guy your size. 

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These were skis that piqued my interest, but definitely open to other suggestions as well
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I ski an S7 188cm pretty much all the time at Alberta/BC resorts, even for backcountry and sidecountry.  Nothing bad to say about it except it has no tail. Pretty fantastic on soft groomers and manageable on hard groomers and bumps.   Powder over 4" and you'll be laughing all day long on how easy it is.

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The last Rossignol I skied was the B2.





I mainly ski southern BC and the occasional time in AB.  I feel that the best ski for me is the 4frnt Turbo.  I can ski it anywhere, any day, and not have to worry about it.  It will do everything I ask it to do.  It's durable and inexpensive and predictable.  Stable at speed, crush crud and float in pow, and they're kinda fugly so I don't worry about them being stolen off the rack.

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Originally Posted by Caucasian Asian View Post

I feel that the best ski for me is the 4frnt Turbo. 


I agree that the Turbo is a fantastic ski.  I loved it, but I found it wasn't all that nimble when poking around in tight spots.  It's little bro, the Cody was, so I ended up buying that instead.  Had the Cody not been available, though, I would have bought the Turbo.


Even if the OP wanted one, he would have to buy it used.  4FRNT doesn't make the Turbo anymore.  It appears to have been replaced by the Devastator.  


IAC, the Soul-7 will ski easier than the old Turbo and certainly easier than the Devastator, so I'm quite certain the OP will be more than happy with the crowd-pleasing Soul-7.


Don't over-think it, OP!  If you're seriously considering the Soul-7, just get it.  I'd bet a lot of dollars you'll be very happy with it. 

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