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Alternates to spyder prevail jacket (women's )

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Bringing my girlfriend to big sky in January , need to get her a solid ski jacket . Got her a ton of thermals hoodies vests but the top layer is having some issues .

So my local market is rough . All my girlfriend could try on was the spyder prevail which at 350$ seemed to he cheaply made . I wasn't a fan the zippers weren't the rubber style of my spyder legend jacket.

The size 6 fit her well

There was a nice Volkl one which seemed to be much better made for 300$ . Like it seemed more waterproof with the same style zippers as the spyder legend I have . Problem is the 4 was tight in her armpits and the 6 was tight in her armpits and even worse is the sleeves looked like it was her mothers jacket way too long .

Our stores didn't have anything roxy or Any nice north faces .

I didn't want to get her a burton (nj has probally 5 snow boarders for each skier or so it seems ).

I saw some under armors and wasn't sure if I should gamble on one ?

I looked at spyders site and they have a million jackets , is there any place where you can return them due to picking the wrong size ? Also are there any other decent brands I should be considering for women's ? I know I wished I knew about karbon 2 weeks after I bought my spyder a few years ago when I walked into this other tiny ski shop further away.

Also are there any sites where you can return ones if the size is off ? Like evogear ?

What about REI or is that like a sports authority of skiing with just low end lines ?

We are looking to spend around 450 or less .

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Patagonia is having a sale.  Don't know how long it lasts though.

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I recommend Descente DNA or Mountain Hardware. If your local shops don't carry them you can usually find some last year's product at Sierra Trading Post.
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REI carries very good quality stuff.

I 2nd the recommendations of Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Descente (DNA, too.) And will add Outdoor Research and Marmot to the list. The North Face also makes fine stuff. Since you are skiing Big Sky in January, you are probably going to want to pick up something that is very insulated. $450 will get you a very nice jacket. That being said, buying something directly from Patagonia on sale would get you a GREAT deal on a great jacket.

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^^^Some good ideas here. Go check out SAC for some great deals on women's parkas the next day or two. Sierra Trading Post or Moosejaw are also good. In general, my wife has had good luck with Arcteryx, Mountain Hardware, I'd second Arcteryx and add in Patagonia and Marmot from personal experience. REI's home brand can be good, at a fair price, but quality varies signficantly by model. Personally, I think you get more bang for your buck if you stay away from ski brands, which are all pretty much made in the same couple of factories in China as the cheaper stuff. Which IMO includes North Face. 


Spyder's sad. Used to be premium, worth the price, now some of their stuff is still good, far more of it's mediocre, we're flooded with counterfeits because the actual stuff is so overpriced for what you get. Ah, the wonders of late capitalism. 

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STP is also dumping a ton of good stuff, get their 35% off coupons.  

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Yep, sign up for their emails (STP) and you might get lucky and get a 45% off, as I did yesterday. Bought my husband a Marmot down sweater for $84. (Unfortunately, we now pay tax on orders from STP in CA.)


I just bought a Mountain Hardwear jacket on SAC (Steep and Cheap) two days ago. $99 for a jacket that retails for upwards of $300. Geartrade is another good place to find a deal, however, I don't think returns are possible, so you have to be very confident in what you are buying.


As far as The North Face, I have two pair of their pants--Kannon insulated and Thunder, and I am pretty happy with them. But I'm not out beating them up, either. I will say my husband's Outdoor Research Axcess pants are definitely a better product. I do have a TNF down sweater that I think is nicer than the Patagonia ones. I think for what the OP needs the jacket for, TNF is probably just fine. But, if you can find one of the other mentioned brands at a comparable price, I'd agree the overall quality is better. My Outdoor Research Axcess jacket is the bomb, but isn't very insulated so might not be quite enough for Montana.

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thanks all. Just got her a decent deal on the Spyder Volt jacket from STP. decided to go with that one even though the brands with the Ac and the hyphen seemed to be better waterproof and breathability wise , we were afraid of them being too shell like and not having enough insulation. Its also her 2nd season so she is still figuring out the right core layers and combos so i figured a heavier jacket might be a bit better. 

thanks for the help 

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