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This software update is now live. Most of you probably haven't seen the tagging pages before, but after reading through this I encourage you to check them out and feel free to tag relevant content. 


Tag Pages go Prime Time

Tagging is one of the fundamental components driving traffic for any site on the Huddler platform. It's a great way to organize content which picks up where your hierarchical forum taxonomy leaves off. In this release we're revamping a few of the pages where the payoff of tagging can actually be felt.


Too often, users wonder "When I tag this thread, so what? Where does it go? What changes because of my tag?"


Our goal is for users to understand that by tagging a piece of content, they are adding that content to a dedicated page about that tag, and to find that page a rewarding and useful resource to build. There is already a page for every tag, but it's not a very prominent or usable page at present. It's there, and it certainly aids with SEO, but it's not a page that anybody loves. We're changing that. 


Let's look at an example: the miscellaneous topic tag "USB Audio" on Head-Fi. 



A relatively thin, disorganized, and let's face it: ugly page. Take a look. I mean, sure, it shows you site content that's been tagged with "usb-audio" but that's about all you can say.






A much more pleasing page! Notice the reasonable prioritization and presentation of tagged content PLUS a brand new carousel for manual control. Any extra-special site content relating to USB Audio can be featured here so that it gets proper attention. The rest of the page is powered by tagging. Whatever's tagged, whatever's new and relevant... it will flow through this page. 






Tag Types and Tag Pages


Now, it's easy to get confused about what is and isn't happening here. Let's review a couple of basics about Huddler tagging.


  1. There are 4 main kinds of tags on a Huddler site: Product, Brand, Category, and Miscellaneous tags. 
  2. Each of those things is a tag, and each of those things is a page on your site. Each tag has a page. 


It used to be that products had a product page AND a tag page, since all products are tags. This really didn't make sense. We have now consolidated the product page and the product tag page. The product page where reviews and pros and cons show up now is the product tag page. Similarly, we already had a wonderful Category page, and that page now is the category tag page. 


Brand and Miscellaneous tags, which never really had a good-looking homepage of their own before, will now look much nicer. 


IMPORTANT: Nothing we're doing here will disrupt your category and product pages. These will continue to live almost identically as in the past. There's nothing you need to do or change here.  




Improvements to Product and Category Pages


While the product and category pages will look very much as they already do, you can expect a couple of additions. 


First, you can expect to see the "related conversations" module on product pages move into the main column. This module shows threads tagged with this product's tag, and that is pretty important content, and it shouldn't be relegated to the sidebar. We're fixing that. 






Second, notice the "More >" link in the screenshot above (it's located at the bottom right). This link will take you to a newly redesigned Content Listing page for this product tag, showing all the site's resources that have been tagged with this product's tag. Notice the tabbed navigation between Reviews, Threads & Articles. From here you can find all the site's best resources about this item. 


Note that this isn't the tag's home page, this is where you get when you click "more" from the thread listing on the tag page. This is a sub-page of the tag page. 





Over time, as we drive tagging, we hope to invest even more in making these pages awesome. We hope eventually for them to become major interest hubs for community members and site visitors alike. Tagging is what will get us there! But before we can convince users to tag more, we need to get our tag pages in order. That's what we're doing here. 




Subscription Digest Email Format

In this release, we're putting out a long-overdo redesign of our subscription digest emails. 


Now, as you know, there are two kinds of subscription emails: digests, and immediates. Immediate subscriptions send you an email the second something happens. They report one action. "TeddyG replied to your thread" for example. In an immediate subscription email, we show the full contents of TeddyG's post, direct links to it, and things are pretty clear. These emails are quite informative and tend to click well. 


Digest emails are different, because they consolidate multiple actions over time into a single email. There are Daily and Weekly digest emails which you may receive, based on the subscription frequency you choose for different items. But whether it's weekly or daily, a digest is a digest. Our format for digests has been something like this until now:


Hi there! Here are new and/or updated threads relating somehow to your subscriptions:


Thread #1

Thread #2

Thread #3

Thread #4

Thread #5

Thread #6

Thread #7

Thread #8


Problems with this format:


  • You can't tell which threads are new, and which just have new posts
  • You can't tell if you're being notified about the thread because you subscribe directly to it, or because it's in a forum you subscribe to as a whole
  • The sort order does not follow the forum taxonomy order, or even recency


We're reorganizing the structure of these emails so that they'll look more like this:


Hi there! Here are  your daily digest updates for 09/13/2013:


* Subscribed Threads


Thread #1

Thread #2


* Forum A Which You Subscribe To:


new threads:

Thread #3

Thread #4


updated threads: 

Thread #5

Thread #6

Thread #7


* Forum B Which You Subscribe To:


new threads:

Thread #8



In short, we will organize the presentation of subscription updates by which object you subscribed to so that this email has some organization as well as context as to why you're hearing about these threads. 


  • It will be clear which threads just have new posts and which threads are new threads. 
  • It will be clear if you are being notified of a new thread because you subscribe to its parent forum, or because you subscribe to the user who started it
  • There will be links to the beginning of the thread, and the first unread post in the thread. The unread post count and other contextual data will also be shown.





#13940: Forum listings would show "no title" for the last post preview when the last post had been made from Tapatalk 4 for Android. 

#13545: Clicking "Next" will now advance through a community album continuously, without getting stuck. 

#13977: Closed a loophole that allowed Facebook-connected users to doublepost by pressing "submit" multiple times in quick succession.

#13979: Users defaulting to the "full page editor" will now have their cursor placed after the quote block when they press the "quote" button on a post. 

#13867: CTRL-SHIFT-V now pastes as plaint text in Chrome and Firefox. Safari and IE provide insufficient browser support to enable this feature, however, and will simply execute a normal paste, including formatting.

#14012: On Mobile, post preview --> edit --> preview --> edit would sometimes scroll the viewport to an incorrect position. This has been resolved.

#14070: Forwarding a PM inserted BBCode into its contents inappropriately.