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Background: 200lbs. 5'9" advanced skier. I can ski almost anything in the East and out West. Ski about 10 days a year. I also like to ski a little of everything: Trees, powder, groomed runs, etc.

Problem: I'm on my third set of boots in about 3 years. I sprained my foot a while ago and it never healed 100%. I only have problems with my foot when I ski. I started having problems went I switched from rear entry to front entry. My latest boots are Nordica 9.2's. They are comfortable but my feet ache at the end of the day and I get a stabbing pain in the balls of my feet (where the toes are connected to the foot). Removing my Nordica boot causes me to pinch my foot and the pain is worse. I went to a good boot fitter and he put me into a pair of Dlabello Visio 9 boots. These have a soft shell and use two ratchet buckles and a power strap. They also allow me to pull the tongue of the boot almost to the toe section for a very easy entry and exit. I also use orthotics. When I did a shell fit and liner fit I noticed that the Nordicas are a bit bigger. While I never felt my foot move I feel more comfortable that I am in a comfortable snug fit.

1. What are your thoughts on the Dableeo Visio 9 boots? Will I be giving up a lot performace and regret my purchase?

2. Is there any adjustments I can make to stop the pain I'm having.

3. Advice needed: One post suggested a pad under the foot bed where the toes meet the foot?