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What skis to get?

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5'6-5'7" 160lbs. Intermediate skier around Tahoe mostly.


I'm looking at but can't decide which ski is best.


Any suggestions?

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Depends on what you ski most: powder, groomers, trees, bumps, a bit of everything...? A bit more info on what type of ski you're looking for might get you more suggestions that just the info you provided. 

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Get the red ones.

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Mostly powder

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Go here:

Better selection for the price and you'll get local support.

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Originally Posted by hoangmoreno View Post

Mostly powder


Where was that at in Tahoe last year, After December I could not find it :cool

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I won't be snarky and say buy from somewhere else.   If you're buying from stp, (with an additional coupon of course), i'll help you out and shorten your list selection to look at or read reviews on:


More expert:

rossi S7, E98

blizzard bushwacker, kabookie


more intermediate:

rossi s3

K2 rictor

atomic blackeye  (with bindings)


go read reviews on these.  I did not look at sizes so I don't know if they do have your size.  Also watch out that the discounts are just flatly applied to the MSRP.  Some of the discounts are a great deal, some are not as good of a deal since the actual pricing for skis vary wildly more than STP keeps track of.

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