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Working as a Rental Tech Fitting Ski Boots - Need Help!

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Hello experienced boot fitters!


I'll be working as a rental ski shop tech in Summit Co. this winter, but I have zero experience when it comes to fitting ski boots. I am a snowboarder that has only gone skiing a couple of times and only on rental skis. I like skiing a lot, but I can't justify spending money on another set up. Anyway, I want to learn about fitting ski boots as much as I can in order to be a competent boot fitter. I won't be fitting retail boots, only rentals. I'll be receiving about a week and a half of training on all aspects of the ski shop, but my biggest concern is boot fitting. I know I can only learn so much by reading forums & watching YouTube, but I want to hit the ground running, so to speak, when I start my training. I guess I'm just worried about sucking at fitting rental boots and ruining someone's ski weekend.


The basics I've gathered so far:


-Measuring someone's foot non-weighted and weighted.

-Taking measurement of the arches, width, and overall length of foot.

-Seeing how just the boot shell fits a skier when the person is flexing like they're skiing. Looking for a two finger gap between the heel and the back of the boot.

-Have the person push their foot back into the boot and look for about a pen-sized gap between the shell and the ankle bone.

-Then have the person try the boot on with the liner and make sure the toes are just touching the front of the boot when standing upright and the toes move away from the front when flexing.

And that's about all I understand so far. I've watched these videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK0h_4VJdoA & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez3V61rnu2g) and read some articles on boot fitting.


What are some other obvious dos and don'ts for fitting someone with rental boots? Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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the knowledge you have gleaned so far by reading here and looking on the web is probably far more in depth than the training you are likely to receive from the average rental operation


the normal goes like this


technician... what size shoe are you sir?

customer... 10

technician... there you go, remember the clips go on the outside


you will most likely have a single brand of boots to work with and very probably have only one model, unless they have a "premium" rental as well in which case you may get the choice of another couple


occasionally you will find a store which measures feet and tries to select a boot from a couple that they have to work with, i know of one rental operation in Europe who used to recommend a superfeet footbed in all rentals  but this is pretty rare


good luck with the job, if the store does retail as well then you may find a route into sales and proper boot fitting


if you really want the course to do then masterfit enterprises run a series of courses around the US 

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