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Which Salomon boot?

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My Nordica Grand Prix's finally died. I tried on X Max 130s at the end of the season and they felt GREAT out of the box. Much softer than my old Nordicas, but I was also in the warmth of the ski shop, and I believe that they would be much stiffer out in the cold.

I have decided to buy Salomons, but now I am confused. X Max or X Pro? 130 or 120?

I enjoy all-mountain skiing, especially bumps and trees. Just got Volkl Kendos last season (they rock!) and I went short (170 cm). I am 55 yo, 180 lbs, 5'10" and only get to ski about 10-12 days per year. I am an aggressive skier but a slower than I was 2 decades ago. I have an average foot on the narrow side. I am used to the stiffness of the old Nordicas but I am not sure that I need that much stiffness now. And I can't tell the difference between the Max and the Pro from the descriptions on line except for the last.

Also, I am kind of cheap. Is it really worth $150 for a custom foot bed? Any options that are cheaper and almost as good?

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well if the X max felt that good out the box, chances are it was either too big or there is simply too much volume around your foot, not saying you should be in pain, but you certainly don't want it to feel too slipper like from new, make sure you shell check whatever boot it is, often (most of the time) people are having to move down a size in the X Max is it is so big to size.


on the flex 130 can always be softened, a lot easier than 120 can be made stiffer


X Pro is a wider, higher volume version, great for those bigger chunkier feet, but not so good if you have narrow feet and have been in a narrow fitting boot for years



i would be tempted to find a decent boot fitter rather than limiting yourself to just the Salomon models unless these is a pretty good reason... (getting a deal on them really isn't that good a reason)


on the custom footbed front, yes it is worth $150, well made it is worth a lot more in terms of skiing comfort and enjoyment, it all depends on your fitter, an off the shelf product at $35-$50 is going to do a job BUT it will never give the support or fit of a well made custom insert


good luck getting sorted, if you let us know where you are we may be able to suggest a good fitter close by

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Thank you.  The Salomon boot out of the box felt like a vise on my foot, but no pressure points.  I measure 28.5 and looked at a 27.5.  I live in SE Michigan near Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Rochester.  I'd like to know a good boot guy in the area.

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