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Ski Boot Fitter Help [CA Bay area]

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I have an old but very good ski boots.

They are Tecnica Diablo Flame Ultra-Fit from 06, and I like them; however, I have a slight problem with the right foot: after few hours on the mountain I developed a foot pressure at the bottom of the foot. Adjusting boot clipper didn't really helped.

So, I am wondering if someone could recommend a good boot fitter.

I live in San Francisco Bay Area, so if would help if boot fitter location will be within 30-40 mi from SF.


Thank you very much for help,




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Rick, thank you very much,



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Last question....

Could anybody recommend the Helm of San Valley (http://helmsports.com/) located in San Mateo?

Have anyone used their boot fitting services? (they are geographically closer to my house, but I am not sure between them and Cal Ski company @ Berkeley).


thank you,



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Cannot speak to either of those places, but curious why you don't want to have them adjusted near a ski slope. Advantage of both expert fitters, and being able to get adjustments in the pm, try them out next day, come back to tweak again if needed, lot more efficient and pleasurable than suffering with an incomplete adjustment until you can get back home. There's this fairly sketchy crew near Squaw, for example, work in a place usually under NSA surveillance called Stop Home, or Start Up, or maybe, yeah, it's Start Haus. Yep, that's it.  

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to Beyond,
 I am really new to boot fitting (that would be my first time ever, even after skiing in these boots for about 7 years (10+ days every season)), and I think spending 2+ hours at the bootfit session rather than skiing... seems wrong (especially when I would be just a mile or so from the lifts), it woud be too tempting to get out and ski that I would not listen to store recommendation at all :(  So, I thought of doing it before the season starts...



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Understand. Don't want to introduce major time management crisis. Point is, most folks have them fit the evening before, pick them up in the am, go ski, come back at 4 to have them tweaked again, if need be. Repeat as necessary. 


The place I was kidding about is Start Haus, it's not very far from Squaw, I'd guess about 20 minutes, and it really has some very first rate professionals, many of whom post here, rather than the usual well-intended college kids that tend to populate stores near where we live. I have dealt with one of them personally several times and am totally satisfied with the outcomes. You might PM Phil or Sierra Jim here to get their take on your boots. Another thing to think about is that after 8 and a half years (the 06 models were molded in spring 05, y'see), boot plastic can degrade some, liners pack out big time, and certainly the designs have evolved. They might be able to hook you up with a new pair at a great early season price, and then you get all the tweaks for free. 


But be that as it may, for sure, go with whatever works best for you. 

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I had the same dilemma  2 winters ago, live in the Bay Area. I ended up getting new boots that didn't hurt after wearing for 20 minutes in the store, and getting SuperFeet Green insoles. For me it worked good enough. I plan on going to Start Haus or Cosmo's Footwerks if I ever need to get then fixed up or a new liner. Sorry there is not much in the way of boot fitters in the Bay Area.

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Oleg- I have no experience with CaliSki, but heard decent things about them. I know Helm relatively well. They are a much better boot shop than REI or AnyMountain, no question about that. Nevertheless, they won't hold a candle to a good Tahoe boot fitter business like StartHaus or any number of reputable outlets out there.

Your boot is 6-7 years old and hopefully has some ski days on it, so who knows what shape the liners are in or whether the soles are too worn out, etc. You may be looking at some major $$$ to fix any of those issues (or not), so 2 hours off the slope is probably not a terrible price.

Last thing- I venture to guess that you don't have a custom footbed (or any footbed) in those boots. Those usually help a lot. Avoid a shot that does not know how to make footbeds, that means that they don't take their fitting services seriously.
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Starthaus will do appointment's after you ski 


But .....


Ya gotta plan ahead

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thank you all for your input.

I guess it makes sense to go to Tahoe and get it over with rather than do it locally and be sorry after.

I've heard many good things about Start House, and I also need new ski tuning, so will try to make an appointment there.

(BTW, new boots are not the option for this season, I blew all money on new ski and bindings).



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Another North Tahoe option is Olympic Bootworks just outside the parking lot at Squaw. Good prices, they take dropins (but I suppose might be busy on the weekends), good prices. I had Intuitions done there. They close for a couple of hours mid morning to noonish to ski. I highly recommend.

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Thank you all, I'll post later how it would turn out.

I am planning to do that sometimes beginning or mid December.


Best regards, 



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