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'03-'04 Rossi Bandit XX Boot

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Boot Make: Rossignol
Boot Model: Bandit XX
Boot Size: 26.5 (I wear US 10.5 shoe)
Snow Conditions Used In: Pow, Crud, moguls, steeps, trees
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Level 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20+
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30+
Other Boots You Like: 1985 San Marco AXS, 1979 Lange XLS, 2001 Salomon Course X-Scream
Your Height/Weight: 5'10", 160 lbs

Comments: used these today for the first time on powder thursday at club lt. after skiing on Tuesday at the bowl and using my Sallies on the race carvers, when I was frustrated by the sloppy fit ( see my reason for selling the boots here ), I stopped by Gull Ski (shop shown in Mark Elling's "The All Mountain Skier") for some boot fitting. I tried on the new Tecnica Icon Alu Hot, several Lange boots, and the Rossi Bandit XX. The Bandit XX was a revelation in fit, and made me realize I hadn't found a good volume fit for a LOOONG time (since my Size 9US 1985 San Marco AXS).

The boot's flex seemed kinda soft in the shop, but its lateral stiffness was superb. It fit my foot beautifully and required only relocating the cuff anchors to accommodate my skinny shins & ankles. I trusted the salesman's statement and several reviews to find the flex sufficient.

Today I skied them on 3" new, up to 18" pow/crud... only one groomer run... mostly pow meadows, steeps, bumps and trees. Very responsive, much more performance from my skis, and super comfort all throughout the day.

Some bumpy stuff make me realize that I need some "L pads" at the achilles area, but otherwise, they are keepers. I rate them highly for someone with my foot type:

Average D width at ball of foot
reducing to C width at ankle
skinny ankle
skinny lower leg
low volume top to bottom at forefoot and instep
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Are these the same as this year's Rossi B2 boot?
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yes, they sell them as both. they were displayed as Bandit XX and box says Bandit XX but since the "Bandit" is now the "B" I think we can safely call them the B2 boot.

Rossi geeks, please correct me if I'm wrong.
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If they're the same boot, then that's what I'm wearing now. I just recently bought these, had work done on the fit, got alligned, had the soles ground (canted) - and I think they're doing a great job for me. They ALLOW good skiing when I do my part. That's what good equipment should do - ALLOW good and pleasurable skiing. It's up to the skier to do the rest.

Once the equipment fits and is appropriate for the skier, ALLOWING good skiing, the way to growth is marked by dedication and the best instruction.

Get good or go home!

Plan for great instruction in your future - EpicSki Academy, Eastern Tune-Up!
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yes indeed, oboe... these boots do ALLOW me to ski. I was comfortably ripping turns through crud at high speed, in ways I never felt confident in prior boots.
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update report after another 7 days of skiing --

after heel pocket packed out, I added some boomerang-shaped adhesive pads to secure the pocket around the Achilles tendon. The boots are more secure now, and I stand by my reports -- best fit I've had in MANY years, and outstanding performance.
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Why buy a boot where the heel pocket drastically packs out? Look at BigE's "Buckle Tightness" thread.

If you have a low instep and want a boot with lower volumn in the instep area you have *so* many good options. The Tecnica XT felt great to me except for the fact that I couldn't even buckle over my high instep. Doberman XS was the same way. I'd kill to be in one of these ultra high performance boots, but I'm limited to the Salomon Course shell because of my instep.
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it didn't pack out drastically. When I skied it the first day, I knew I'd be beefing up the heel pocket. Since I'm talking about small adjustments and subjective feelings, I guess I can't clearly convey just what I meant by "packing out." It really wasn't much at all.

I don't expect any boot to fit me right out of the box. I don't think many skiers can achieve such non-modified fit excellence. My feet especially are brutal mutants, transformed from skinny rectangular B-width feet.

For me, Tecnica boots are too narrow in the toe box and too wide in the heel. I tried on the top Icon Alu at the same time I was deciding on the Bandit B2 boot. Its shell just didn't match my foot too well.
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Icon Alu and XT are radically different. The regular Icon line, which I skied for 3 years, are basically rotary boots... They track inside when you flex. I spent a half hour on the phone with Keelty last year with him explaining the problems with the Icons (except the XT). The XT is a plug like race shell thats actually softer and cheaper than the Alu. The Doberman Extra Soft is similar. They're both narrow, race fit and plug-like. Performance of both boots are supposedly off the charts, but I can't get my foot in either because of my instep. My point was, if you have a low instep, you owe it to yourself to try them.
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thanks, Matter. I wasn't sure what you meant. I've goon searching for some Icon XT and found 'em on the old eBay for $330 new in box. now I need to try 'em in a shop.
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If you thought the Icon Alu was too narrow in any way I doubt you'd like the XT. It's by far the narrowest Tecnica. I always felt like the regular Icon's had a roomy toebox, they are a high volumn boot overall. I probably could have been ok in the XT if I had gotten the boot board lowered a lot - decided it wasn't worth messing with.
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