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Line Sick Day 95 vs Stockli Stormrider 95 vs FX94

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I'm looking at 2014 skis for all mountain, side-country, off-piste, all condition fun.  I currently have a two ski quiver - Rossignol Radical 9 GS skis for front side hard groomers and Kastle FX94s for everything else.  So what's wrong with my current set up given the FX94s are one of the most highly praised skis on this site?  First, there is a lot I love about the Kastles, especially their silky smooth dampness, precision, predictability, and relatively light weight.  But there are two reasons I'm thinking of replacing them: 1) after demoing various skis last year I realized I simply ski much better in soft snow and mixed conditions with a rockered tip (yes I'm a bit late coming to the rocker party), and 2) I bought the FX94s in 186cm which means they are stable at speed, but with traditional camber they ski long and are pretty hard to manoeuvre in tight spots - especially as I don't have the leg strength of a Chris Davenport (as everyone knows Kastle have wide gaps in their sizing).


I've been reading the reviews and think either the Line Sick Day 95s or Stockli Stormrider 95s might fit the bill.  I like the width, both have early rise tips and get high marks in powder and mixed conditions, but seem able to rail groomers as well.  Sick Day seems to have added benefit of light weight (good for hike and ride off piste) and multi-radius shape (good for trees, tight spots) and 179cm length probably fits the bill (though graphics a bit too cool for me!). But Stockli probably has more of a Kastle like damp feel, I'm guessing the 183cm would be right length as 174cm probably too short.  I've also read that Kastle have added early rise to the 2014 FX94 so another option might be to get new FX94s in a shorter (176cm) length.  Lines are of course cheaper than both the Stockli's or Kastles.


I'm a 50 year old ex-racer, 6'2" 175 lbs, grew up East coast, now ski about 30 days a year in the French alps - get everything from West coast like pow to East coast like hard pack, most days somewhere in between.  These skis would be used mostly for un-groomed piste, off-piste side country, some hike and ride back-country, but would like them to perform on the piste as well when skiing with my family - I can't stand flapping tips!


Any views or other suggestions appreciated!

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So, have you made your choice? I would be curious to ear it since I'm presently hesitating between those 3 ( and the mx83) myself...

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If you like Kastles have you tried or considered their softer, more rockered, but very stable BMX line. They have a 98 and 108 underfoot both reported to be great powder and tree skiis. I wanted to try the BMX 98 in 177 but could not fined a demo in Utah but found my demo of the FX94 L= 176 wonderful in everything except trees which i did not try. Posts on this forum suggest that Stockli are superb skis, but for the better skier who can handle a stouter more demanding ski.


FWIW after demoing half a dozen "do-all" skiis I just purchased the 2014 FX94 in 176.  I weigh a little less and I am a lower level skier than you and avoid tight trees.

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