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Volkl Shiros

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I'm a sixteen year old who is looking for a powder ski. I live on the east coast but go out west to ski every year. I'm an experienced skier who has raced for many years and have experience in deep powder. I'm look at volkl and really like the shiros. I think the shiros would be the best ski for me. I need to be able to ski on the east coast and the powder out west. I'd appreciate anybody's thoughts.
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Seems you have things sorted out. Nice skis.

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Hi - Welcome to Epic. Far as I've heard, the Shiro's are great skis, on the beefy side, so should suit a former racer well. Although I'm a touch confused about where you plan to use them. Out west, for sure. Back here, seem like overkill, so assume you have other skis for typical eastern conditions? 

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if your northern vermont not overkill......go for it  should rock tight trees

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I've got a Primo 2013 173 Shiro w/ Griffons FS over in the Gear Swap if interested.

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