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Epic Pass suggestions

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I posted another thread re Canyons and have received several responses. 


the boss of me and i are looking to do an quick weekend getaway ski trip early in the season, sometime b/w thanksgiving and xmas. we don't need knee keep powder and would be fine w/ just skiable snow. thinking of a place that is on the epic pass family to possible save cash on lift tickets. we ski breck every year w/ the peppered vail, beaver creek days if time permits. so colorado was kind of out of the running since we are going there this season as well. also looking for an easy in and out travel destination coming from the midwest and would prefer non-stop flights if possible.


since it would be w/o kids was thinking of a nice quick getaway w/ the boss of me and pamper ourselves a bit while throwing in some possible skiing. asides from colorado we haven't skied UT or CA hills that are on the epic family.


any suggestions, ideas, etc. would be great



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Book your flights to DEN on Southwest. No charge for luggage or change fees.
Then if CA or UT looks better, you could add RNO or SLC legs at a slight up charge.
There's no reason to book hotels or rental cars till the last minute.
That time of year, you can often book premium properties at substantial discounts, especially last minute.
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