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Bindings for Bibbys

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I need new bindings for Moment Bibby Pros.  I originally wanted to go with the Griffons, but after reading some other threads I'm starting to second guess the Griffons.  I'm 6'2 200ish and plan to use the Bibbys on deep days (and hope to use them a lot).


Hoping to get a thumbs up on Griffons as there are decent deals out there on last year's models.  If not, what should I go with?

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Griffons will work fine, anything would work fine on a powder ski as there won't be too many hits (unless you huck cliffs for lunch). I'm a tad smaller than you and I favor 14 DIN bindings. Basically you want to avoid preloading the spring too much and at your weight and height you will be preloading the Griffon spring quite a bit, almost all the way. But again it's less critical on a powder ski. But if you can, I'd get Jesters or any other din 14-15 bindings.
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