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MIPS: how important?

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Need a new helmet this year. Want to buy something that won't seem obsolete in a year. There are several new technologies for helmets: MIPS and the soft shells each claiming advantages.


I'm not a park rat and don't expect to bang my head regularly :-0 ... so, MIPS seems like the way to go,


But there are limited choices in brands/styles with and even more limited supplies. From what I can tell online, POC, Scott and Rossignol are the only available in the US. and POC seems to be out of stock on their own site.


Also, oval shaped head means I'd rather try before buying.


Should I hold out or risk fit by purchase online of a MIPS, or does it not really matter all that much?

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Hi mom - IMO MIPS is an advance but not a quantum leap. POC offers it mostly for bike riders, where harder surfaces are involved. I'd say better an A- helmet now than an A in two years. Be sure and get EPP foam (multiple impact) rather than the more common EPS (one hit n compromised absorption). That's actually a bigger deal than most realize cuz we don't see microscopic degradation in the foam.
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Thank you Beyond. Appreciate the reply and the advice to find an EPP helmet.

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If you are looking at poc helmets, their race helmets are all EPP with the exception of the Sinuse slalom helmet which is EPS.
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