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In this article, Hans Grugger is the example of the long term affects that a brain injury has. Athletes with brain injuries have been a huge resource for some of the advancements in recovery, but there is so much more that needs to be done. 

Though not a helmet discussion, its fascinating to see what will come of this type of discussion.  


Hans Grugger spricht Schädel-Hirn-Trauma-Patienten Mut zu skiweltcup.tvWien – In letzter Zeit ist es still geworden um Hans Grugger. Der österreichische Ex-Skirennläufer, der im Jänner 2011 auf der Kitzbüheler „Streif“ so schwer stürzte, dass er bedingt durch das erlittene Schädel-Hirn-Trauma 15 Monate



Here is the article translated through google: 


Vienna - Lately it's been quiet around Hans Grugger. The Austrian former alpine skier, who at the Kitzbühel "Streif" so hard crashed in January 2011 that he had 15 months later quit due to the skull-brain trauma suffered his career, mastering his fate bravely. The skull-brain trauma, the raw numbers, is the second most common neurological disease. Either it is caused by unsafe or dangerous sports or driving too fast. In Grugger former was the case.

A conference in Vienna craniocerebral trauma took place for the object. Nikolaus Steinhoff, president of craniocerebral trauma society, stressed that in Austria the primary care and inpatient treatment were very good, but ready for the case that patients usually have to look at themselves after discharge from the hospital, headache . You need special service centers, so the offer Steinhoff rehab facilities and other services and supports patients and their family members.

The 31-year-old Hans Grugger is a living example of the consequences of such a neurological incident. Outwardly he seems healthy, but his ability to concentrate by emerging inattention is not always there, and also the connection is disrupted to the right foot. The former athlete from Bad Hofgastein recommends everyone to speak in a support group with people in the same or similar situation about his unseen problems in order to learn as best possible help.