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Cheap Ski Holidays 2014?

Poll Results: Where is your favorite country to ski?

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Dear all

I am looking for cheap ski holidays at the start of next year - Jan / Feb / March (possibly April, but the snow tends to be wetter then).I am hoping for self catered accommodation which can sleep 8 - 10 people. A self catered chalet would be ideal, but dont mind hotels etc..


We have been to Switzerland the last few years, but it is becoming increasingly more expensive and so we are looking for cheaper alternatives. Our favorite place is Verbier and so we would welcome any suggestions which had similar facilities and services (great piste and off piste and loads of places to go out). We would prefer France / Switzerland however any other suggestions would be most welcome.


Any advice would be most appreciated.


Best Regards


The Down Hill Master


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You'll get better beta on Europe over at

I would personally suggest you look at Austria for a change of pace and vibe.
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Was thinking the same thing. Epic is skewed, I think, towards western US. Personally, I've always thought of you wanted to SKI, the US was best. If the AMBIANCE was key, then Europe, with a slight preference for Austria. But then I like to go places that crowds don't.
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To us here in North America, everything in the Alps looks expensive in terms of lodging and particularly food, though lift tickets are cheaper.   But no question Switzerland is the MOST expensive.  I'm not in a position to say what differences might be among the Eurozone countries.  I'd guess there are greater price differences between famous areas and ones more off the beaten track.  With zero personal experience to back it up, I suspect "smaller" areas in the Alps might be a good value, because by North American standards they are far from small on an absolute scale.

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from my experience, two years ago, Austria is cheaper than Switzerland and France.
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Lodging is much more expensive in Austria than it is in France or even Italy. Food, however, is expensive in France. So, if you're looking to self-cater, France is your country. Espace Killy (Tignes and Val d'Isère) or Serre Chevalier would be a great choice if you want great skiing facilities (the going out part I really don't know, I'm not the kind of guy that hangs around bars and other places at night).


Perhaps Breuil-Cervinia (the Italian side of the Cervinia-Zermatt Matterhorn ski Paradise) would be a good choice also: great cheap lodging in Petit Tibet or Residence Castelli, the best skiing there is to be had in Europe (they say; Ive only been there in summer) and the best affordable great Italian food everywhere.

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I went to les Quattre Vallées quite a few times and I think Espace Killy or Portes du Soleil suits your preferences. In Portes du Soleil the French side (Avoriaz, Châtel, Morzine) is cheaper. Les Trois Vallées is a bit harder to go off-piste, and a lot easier on piste, compared to les Quattre Vallées. And still quite expensive (lift tickets, food). I've never been to the Zermatt area, but it must be amazing.

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Has anyone else noticed the poll doesn't really match the thread title? I bet there's more than a few Bears with enough $$$$$ that "cheap" and "favorite" don't necessarily line up. That said in North America skiing Utah has the best of both worlds. I don't think I could justify my trips west with the guys to my nsw if SLC wasn't so cheap.
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Less than $1100 p/week and it is slopeside is pretty good. No gas running around the roads. With a kitchen you save on dining out too.

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If you want to go cheap and don't care about comfort (i.e. pool, sauna etc.), try French self-catered appartments. We just booked a small slopeside 2-person studio with little kitchen in Serre Chevalier (Villeneuve) for € 301 (about $ 385) for the week of 21-28 December 2013.

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I agree with suggestions for the Espace Killy. Both Val d'Isere and Tignes have self-catered apartments for reasonable prices, good night life, and terrain that compares pretty nicely to Verbier.
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Veteran- where's that pic from?
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Originally Posted by JoeSchmoe View Post

Veteran- where's that pic from?

Park City Marriott iirc. I was checking out the Canyons and epicpass, Squaw's aspirations to sell condos that other places can't get off the books fast enough, and Nth Lake Tahoe Regional Transit body's claim about the "Park City Model" of shuttles and came across it.

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Go to the Portes du Soleil, certain areas of it are fairly cheap and Morzine or Avoriaz has great apres and night life as well as being really accessible to slopes. and there's a fair few chalets to choose from.(catered or self catered) Contact and she can probably sort you out discounts related to ski hire etc. Their snow record there is pretty good for the last few years and theres already snow on the ground now in Avoriaz.

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My boyfriend and I have had awesome time skiing in Slovenia. The ski-center was cool, the hotel staff was very kind and the food was great too. We flew with EasyJet to the Airport Ljubljana, from there on the hotel arranged everything for us. We spent only 370 EUR for the three-days-package for each of us, including all transfer from and to the airport, skiing tickets for three days and also all transfer to and from the ski-center whenever we wanted. Cause we took half-board, we got fresh breakfast and delicious dinner every day. And my baby of course put it over the top: he proposed to me <3

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