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Utah trip beginning of Dec?

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We are looking to do a kid free weekend trip to the Canyons (have Epic Pass) during the first couple of weeks in Dec. Wondering if the conditions would be ok so close to openning dates?

Any suggestions on places to stay, eat, what to do would be greatly appreciated as well.

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As others will say, who knows. I've skied Utah in that time frame last several years. Could be great, could suck. If you can wait to book stuff, I would do so.

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The Canyons is not the right resort to be considering for early December.  It is probably the least reliable for snow in the Wasatch, will almost certainly be in limited operation, mostly man-made snow that early.  If you want to use your Epic Pass, go to Vail as it has by far the best early season track record of the Epic resorts.   If you go to Utah that early, stay in Salt Lake and ski the Cottonwood Canyon areas.  What you save in lodging in Salt Lake might make up much of having to buy lift tickets, which are fairly reasonable at the local ski shops.

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Thanks for the replies. good to know that early  could be an issue. we don't need knee keep powder and would be fine w/ just skiable snow. thinking about canyons mainly since we have epic pass and we ski breck every year w/ the peppered vail, beaver creek if time permits. that would save us some $. also looking for an easy in and out travel destination coming from the midwest and would prefer non-stop flights if possible.


since it would be w/o kids was thinking of a nice quick getaway w/ the boss of me and pamper ourselves a bit while throwing in some possible skiing. we have also never skied UT as well.

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First snow of the year yesterday!
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^^ What Tony Crocker said. Canyons is generally the last to have good snow.

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