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The urge to fly... again

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Lately, when my mind inevitably drifts off into ski thought I find myself taking to the air. The urge has been steadily growing this off-season and I am thinking I need to satisfy this craving. I'm not talkin crazy stuff just some gentle soaring to get that feeling once again. I did most of my skiing as a crazy teen/early 20s guy and took to the air quite frequently. My skiing significantly decreased over the next 20 years and now in my early 40s I've rekindled my drive over the past 3 years and feel Im a stronger technical skier now. Unfortunately fear of injury has kept me away from my pursuit of flight.


Just wondering if anyone else has gone through something similar or has thoughts regarding this? Thanks very much



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i fly alot more on powder day when the landings are soft and to a less extent when spring skiing when carried away by the sheer exuberance of it all.


At 44, i also share the concern of injury and its potential impact on skiing in the long-term.  so, i'm pretty pick and choosy for the most part.  But, when skiing places i'm familiar with and soft landings are available i just can't say no!


Still riding those contact cross ti's?



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Hey Dave, still loving the skis. I have found they do really good in the softer stuff as well as firm conditions. Perfect for Mammoth spring conditions/mixed and slushy bumps. Ive been reaching for those more often than my Watea 94s lately. My carving has improved immensely, so thanks again.

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If you want big air, you may want to check out snowkiting. 


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excellent, I am pleased to hear it.  And, I agree, that ski was much more versatile than i ever expected them to be.  Hope mammoth provides you a winter paradise this winter!



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I only hit a couple medium size jumps when I was younger, but it definitely feels good, the soaring feeling.  but now I would not, because it's just not worth it, the discs in the back get weaker as you get older.  maybe if it was a sure soft landing.

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Yeah, I have a similar skiing history to yours: was really into it and threw big airs all the time in my 20s, drifted away from the sport for a couple decades, and in my 40s rekindled my interest but was fearful of jumping. Well, I was foolish enough to follow my son into this terrain park at Breck and didn't want to be seen backing down from the "medium" sized jump they had there. So I threw caution to the wind and hit the jump, threw an old-school "frogger" and landed nice and easy on the steep landing area. So my advice would be to go to a terrain park where the landings are appropriately prepped and steep, and just go for it. You have medical insurance, right?

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.... and you have a mouth guard too, right?

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I like to get the occasional small air.  For me the keys were twofold: anticipation and graduation (not the kind with the square hats).  One thing I found as I was working on separation, angulation and bumps is that if I got the anticipation right, it would be as if nothing happened when the terrain sent my skis into the air momentarily.  Being in balance means getting the fore-aft, left-right and rotational stuff in harmony with terrain and velocity.  If you're in balance when you land, all you have to deal with is the impact.


If you can do a one-footer, you can work up to 18", then 24", 30", 36" etc.  Gradual increases in difficulty are key.  As the air gets higher, the feedback about speed, pop and body position gets better.  Understanding the steepness of the landing increases, too.  As an aside, it's easier to air straight, but it can be fun to initiate (and balance for) a modest turn in the air.


My kids' coaches encourage them to do jumps.  They tell me that jumping teaches fore-aft balance really well.  I'd have to agree.  Taking this in reverse, make sure you've got your balance in good shape before getting ambitious in the air.

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