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Salomon Impact 8

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Can anyone tell me the DIN Flex rating of this boot?

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there is no such thing as a DIN flex rating, the manufacturers all have their numbers and in theory a 100 flex from salomon should be the same as a 100 flex form nordica, lange, tecnica etc etc.... BUT in reality they are all a little different, this depends on the engineering of the boot and the type of plastic that they have injected into the mold


Impact 8 was 90 or 100 flex depending on the year/ version/ is it custom shell or not, it is going back 4 years or more though, so make sure that.....


1 the fit is right in terms of shape & stance

2 the fit is right in terms of length & volume 

3 the flex is right for YOU, it is a personal thing, work with your fitter and forget the numbers

4 the price is REALLY right, you are buying old tech so expect it to be cheap, (e.g. we have some last years impact left in a couple of sizes, currently 50% off RRP,  anything left in a month or so will get chucked on ebay)

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