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Volkl 724 AX3, 5-Star, K2 Axis XT

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I'm an advanced skier (blacks and blues comfortably, double blacks with trepidation), 5-9, 185. I get in about a dozen days a year, mostly in Vermont except for an annual trip out west. Bad knees keep me off the bumps, but I enjoy the trees and will hit the powder when its available. But for better or worse, most of my time is spent carving it out on Northeast packed powder and hardpack.

Debating between 3 skis - Volkl 724 AX3, Supersport 5-star, K2 Axis XT. I usually like Volkls (and was a particular fan of the Vertigo Motion and G3), so I'm leaning toward the AX3 or 5-star. Does anyone have recommendations one way or the other? Also, in terms of size I was thinking of the 5-stars in 175 and XT in 174 - but with the AX3 I'm torn between 170 and 177. I'm curious to hear what people think.

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I'm probably the same skill as you and also almost the same size: 5'10'' and 180 lbs. I'm currently skiing on a Volkl G3 177 cms and I'm living in Seattle. My skiing budy (expert skier) just switched from the same ski I have to a Supersport 5 star 168 cms. He also tested 175 cms and told me it was too long to him. He's probably 5'9'' but weighs only 165 lbs.

I've demoed the "5 Star" and also switched the skis with him (we have the same boot size) a couple of times in variuous conditions including bood deep powder and crud. The ski is incredibly stable even in 168 cms size, much more than my G3 in 177 cms. I've never wanted to be a on a longer ski even in the powder. A little too turny in the powder, but it's going to make you a better skier because it'll increase your confidence. Just stay centered. I strongly suggest not to go with 175 cms size. Please demo the 168 cms first. On groomers this ski is fantastic. You'll never want to go back on the G3. You can vary the turn size without any effort and that will make you grin after a couple of turns. Be prepared to work more than on G3 though. On G3 I can dial in one type of turns (like medium for example) and it'll stay there without lots of input from you and it'll not pick up speed. On the "5 star" because it's so much fun, you always want to go fast, to vary the turn shape, to do shorter turns and it will demand you attention on staying centered.

Both me and my budy demoed also K2 Axis XT in 174 cms and we found it very good in both crud, bumps and groomed. I really liked it for short turns and bumps. But the ski is way too damp. My G3 feels much better and livier plus more stable.

My budy demoed the Volkl 724 AX3 in 170 cms and found it not as good in powder and crud than his Supersport 5 star. Plus on groomed it's no contest.

I really liked the 5 star in bumps too. It's way better that my G3 in 177 cms.

I hope this helps.

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I purchased the ax3 just before christmas and i love them, most of my time is spent in New England. I am am a little heavier than you and i am on the 177 so i would think you would want to go a little shorter. Great ski all around: stable at high speeds (still have yet to find it's limit) won't let go of a turn, very quick turning (good in bumps and trees). the waist on it is 70mm so it won't be as quick edge to edge as the 5star (i looked at this one as well) the 5 star has a wider shovel and tail with a thinner waist so it's gonna be a better cruiser, but a little more work in the trees and bumps.

You will be happy with either of these (as you can see i am a volkl fan) The ax3 is a better all around ski and the 5 star is better for speed on pp. i have the marker non-motion 1200 piston and i love it (no chatter so far) First day on them i felt like i had been skiing them for years and i have a big smile on my face [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Hope this helps and good luck with your new sticks [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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All 3 are great skis - no way you can make a mistake - except possibly with length: personally, I'd drop down one size on the Volkl 5 Stars (to 168). If you decide on the Volkls, try to demo them in both lengths. The lengths for the others look good.
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Thanks for all the advice. The test is this weekend - I'm so fired up. It's down to 2 Volkls: AX3 and 5-star. Everyone I've spoken to agrees that I should do the 5-star in 168 not 175, but in the AX3 I haven't decided between 170 and 177. Any thoughts?
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Go with the 170cm AX3 I'm 5'11" 195lbs and ski it in 170cm and love it. Read my reviews in the review forum.
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I agree with Max Capacity. I am a little heavier than you and i ski the AX3 in a 177 and it's plenty for me. Go for the 170 [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I am 5'9" 150 lbs and ski on the 177 G3's ( yr2002) I'm not sure how or if they differ from the current AX3.

I never tried them in the shorter length. They are great all mountain ski.

I demoed the 6*'s in 168 on hard pack and were they ever fast! I will be demo'ing the 5*'s on the next cruiser day since I was told that they were more forgiving, more all mountain then the 6*'s but you don't lose the edge hold on the cruisers.

I had a lot more confidence at high speed cruising and edging on the 6*'s then the G3's.

I'll also be demo'ing the Salomon Crossmax 10's to see how they compare to the 5*'s.
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