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Binding Question

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Hey all, just picked up a set of unwrapped, but three year old Rossignol SC 97 Phantoms.  I've got SC 87's right now, and love them, so I figured why not get some that are a little wider - especially since they were brand new, and cheap.


Now, which bindings to go with them?


Everything I've been reading online says I need a binding with a break of 100mm or more, but no more than 115mm.  Also, the Axial and Axium Rossingol bindings I've been looking at say "perfect for lightweight skiers."  Well, I'm 6'3" and about 235lbs.  I don't consider that lightweight.  


Anyone want to recommend me a binding to go with these awesome new skis?  I'm not looking to break the bank - say up to $250ish.  But I will go higher for the perfect binding.  I know there are also deals on last year's bindings out there as well, so feel free to offer up something from the past.


Thanks in advance!

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You should be fine with any DIN 12 or 13 binding. I'd look at:


Rossignol Axial2 120 or Look/ Dynastar equivalent. Do not buy Axium/ Nova, they are for lightweight less aggressive skiers.

Marker Griffon/ Jester avoid the Squire, it's built for lighter skiers.

Tyrolia/ Head/ Fischer/ Elan/ 4frnt/ Liberty DIN 12


You really can't go very wrong with any of these.

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The new Tyrolia/Fischer attack 13 looks good. Wide, low and light. And priced at around $199.

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Thanks for the quick replies.  I'll start giving each a look-see.  

post #5 of 5 has some killer deals on bindings right now...the deal may be mitigated if you have to have the bindings mounted at a shop and didn't buy either the skis or the bindings from them.


I mount my own so not an issue for me but YMMV.

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