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First snow of the year - Page 5

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TBall, I saw that last night before I went to bed and that is my desk top background now......gotta love Abasin!


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Wow, amazing ariel photo of Abasin posted on Al's blog yesterday:



It's a little warm to make snow for a few days.   Another storm is coming in on Friday that should bring more real stuff and lower the temps for snowmaking.  Looks like it could be a decent storm at this point:

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And... Copper Mountain is in the snowmaking game with this sweet photo:




They even put up a video so you can hear the guns a blazing:

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The sun peeked out here.

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Dang, those photos look unreal. I was out walking on one of the local hills this past Sunday and girls were out in short shorts and tiny t-shirts.

Somewhat jealous.
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