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Men's Volka Gotama 2012??

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My husband's birthday is coming up and I want to buy him new skis as a surprise. We live in Jackson, Wyoming and ski often. He's 6'3 and weighs 180, is pretty advanced, but wants a ski that is better for powder days. Any suggestions? Can anyone tell me anything about last years Volkl Gotama: http://www.cleansnipe.com/pf17/volkl-gotama-skis-mens-20112012/824373/?And what length would be best, i'm thinking the 186? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Welcome to Epic, gg. Could you tell us a little about what skis he uses now, what the Gotama's supposed to be better than? Also, is he likely to use this new powder ski for lift-served areas, using alpine bindings, with maybe a bit of hiking, or is he wanting something to slip out of bounds on, using AT or tech bindings and skins? 

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If her guy planted the seed that he wants Gotomas I probably wouldn't try to out guess what he asked for and get something different even if it is better/ highly recommended.  A gift certificate to a shop that still has some 2012 new old stock goats would work for other options as well.


And, a 186 would probably work really well for him.  Don't go shorter.

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Point taken. If his idea, go for it, nice price, right length. If you found it on your own, and are unsure, prepare yourself for suggestions... :D

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He has been skiing Dynastar Big Troubles =) Though dated they have proven to be a good all mountain ski, but it's definitely time for a newer pair. I am up for any suggestions, though he has mentioned the Gotamas several times... He wont be using them in the park as  often as lift served areas with some hiking. 

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I skied the pre rockered Goats as my primary powder ski for years and loved them. I skied them on hard pack too and joked that they were my slalom skis. Mostly, I left the quiver on the rack and just threw em in the car every time, whatever the conditions. I haven't tried the new rockered gotamas, but they consistently get one of the highest ratings in Freeskier mags test. Also, unless I'm wrong, havn't changed the design in several years and can be had for half price...
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Good to know thanks for the feedback!

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Originally Posted by geargirl View Post

...though he has mentioned the Gotamas several times...

There ya go. If you've missed the linked buy, check out REI good prices for 2012 models, if you're not a member, you can join at checkout and get the 10% credit. Agree that the basic design hasn't changed in three years, far as I know. 

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