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Storm’s a comin, we gotta go
Sail through that untracked mountain snow
Pour that coffee in your cup
we gotta hurry up
You’re the slowest person that I know


Ain’t no friends on a powder day
If they fall they’ve gone away
Got no time for waiting round
I’ll be gone before you frown
Ain’t no friends on a powder day


I’m not that sorry you lost your ski
I can see it high up in a tree
Any other day I’d help you
But there’s a place I’ve got to get to

Without you I feel so free


There’s a little voice inside my head
Telling me that you’re not dead
I haven’t got the time
To check if you are fine
To your slowness I am not wed


You said this time you’d pick up the pace
Even though it’s not a race
You stopped and now you’re stuck
I don’t really give a fuck
Taste the snow covering your face


You said the problem was your skis
Either that, or it’s your knees
The problem’s in your mind
So I’m leaving you behind
I’ll be over in the trees


After the sun comes out to shine
I’ll look up at my line
Perfect turns left and right
I can see it in the light
Powder day and still you whine


Any other day, on me you can depend
I’ll be there with you until the end
When the snow turns into corn
If your mind is filled with scorn
Surely you can find another friend