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Recommendations on sub-$500 skis for a 6'2/210#/Intermediate/M skier

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Hey all,


So I'm looking to buy a new set of skis


About me:


Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 pounds

Skill: Intermediate (sure-footed on the slopes, never wedge, but not pole proficient.  Have done black diamond trails in Wisconsin since I was 9 (distinctly remember that one due to an incident with a rock and a broken leg.  Let's just say the hill was called 'Granite Peak' for a reason), but I sincerely doubt that the black diamonds there are anywhere near the black diamonds in Colorado)


Over  the past couple of years, I've only made it out on average maybe five times a season (College/weather didn't really permit more).  Now, I've moved out to Colorado and would not be surprised if I went skiing at least every other weekend.


Anyways, onto the topic of skis, some that have caught my eye include (looking to spend less than $500 on skis/bindings):


Salomon Tornado XT (2012) (176cm) - $350



Blizzard Magnum 8.1 IQ Max (2011) (172cm) - $500



Atomic Smoke Ti (2013) (171cm) - $450



Rossignol Avener 82 Basalt (2012) (170cm) - $500




Of course, I'm open to any and all suggestions (from reputable websites/stores that ship to the US)


Have a wonderful evening (or morning/afternoon/whatever depending on which part of this rock you live on)



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At your weight (same as mine), I think the avenger 82 basalt would be too soft... I owned the 82 ti and it was nice...

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Assuming you've already got good boots, and they fit..  You should have no trouble finding good gently used or new old stock skis and bindings for under $500 total.  I've not spent over $250.00 for skis with bindings in over 30 years and don't have any core shots, thin bases, or overly thin edges in my quiver. 


Brand Model Length Type Waist Radius Bindings
Elan M999 192 Powder/Twin 99 28 Rossi
RD Coyote HeliDog 183 Powder 91 32 Marker
Elan M777 192 MidFat 87 28 Salomon
K2 Public Enemy 179 Twin/All Mountain 80 19.5 Salomon
Nordica W80 178 MidFat 80 22 Marker
Nordica GSR  Doberman WC 181 Race GS 67 21 Salomon
K2 CaBrawler 179 Bump Ski 66 21 Salomon
Head iSuperShape WC 170 Race SL 66 12 Head FF
Salomon Lab GS (race stock) 185 Race GS 65 21 Salomon


Half  of that was purchased still in plastic brand new but not current year model.  The rest had less than 10 days on them them (except the GSRs) when acquired. 


But, if you don't have your boots dialed in start there before looking at skis.

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Have a look at whats on offer at levelninesports.com.
I've purchased skis and snowboards from them and haven't paid more tha $200 for a pair of skis.
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