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2004 Atomic R11 in 170 or 180?

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I am an advanced-intermediate skier. I ski all-mountain, except that I try to stay on-piste (I said "try"). On a given day, I probably ski 70% blue, and 30% black runs. The easier the run, the faster/more aggresive I ski it. My day includes mostly groomed runs, but I do dabble in minor mogul fields and an occasional un-groomed run. I ski only at Vail, Aspen, Snowbird, Whistler, etc. I ski about 6-10 days a year.

I am a relatively athletic 29 year old who is 6'2 and weighs 195 lbs.

I want to know from the experts here, whether the 2004 R11 would be too much ski for me? If not, should I ski it in a 170 or a 180?

All help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Try demoing both before you purchase. As an advanced skier myself, I would likely go with the 180, But then again I ski 70% blue and 30% black, on skis 60+ times a year and am a very aggresive skier who likes to ski fast. Because the r11 is a fairly aggressive ski you may find it easier to control in a 170. Also, you may want to try a ski like the r10 as apposed to the r11 given your current skill level and limited number of outing per year.

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Like he said try both.

I am 5'7" 170-180 and ski in the NE.

I originally had the 170s but traded them in for 160s and they are just as stable for me but easier to control.

The conditions out West are totally different so shorter may not be better for you.

Either way it is an awesome ski.
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This was one of those challenges that was a struggle for me. I felt like the 180 was too long for me, but the 170 was too short. Not sure why. 10cm seems like a big difference to me! I am on a 170 Fischer RX8, so it's not just the size...
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Yeah a 165 would have been perfect for me.

O well
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Scalce and Shh, do you agree that an R10 might be a better ski for me. Every time I ask in a ski shop, I have been told to go with the R11. I also thought I might be able to ski the R11 in a 170 whereas I'd probably have to go with a 180 in the R10. I want a ski that is above all else, fun and easy to ski. Any thoughts?
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