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Hooking up at Mt. Hood Meadows

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There are a few of us who ski a lot midweek at Mt. Hood Meadows. We like skiing Heather, and Privet Reserve for the most part. If you’re a good skier and want to hook up a ski a run or so, let me know.
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Ill b @ meadows. I like the magic carpet lift and my favorite area @ meadows is the family fun zone.
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I have read some of your posts, So I think maybe your better than your leading me to think, mowmow. My cat know your name, she always says it to me. I will be up there lots, look for a guy in a blue helmet with a Vhold cam on the side, thats me. I had to try the magic carpet to see how it works, lots better than the rop tow, I had to use them when I was an instructor.
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I use to go switch on the magic carpet till they 86 me. But this year I will tackle the Daisy chair. I keep an eye out for yaw. Of course your cat knows me....I did the meow cat food commercial. Cu on the hill.
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I would like to see you go switch riding the Daisy chair!
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Can u ski switch into the lift line?
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Mowmow I will be at Batch later this year.

Any one skiing Meadows; I mostly ski midweek, I will be in a blue helmet, with a blue NF parker, depending upon the snow I will be on different skis, If you see me say hi, maybe we will take a run.
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