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Ok, if I get boots, what to do about ski's?

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Ok, here's this deal, you guys convinced me to get boots, I'm gonna listen to you guys cause the oppinion was unanimous and I value what you guys say.

So the tricky part now is what to do about skis. I don't think I want to ski on the ski's I have now, as they are intermediate ski's that I've skied out of.

If you're new to the situation or forgot, I'm a pretty average advanced skier. I ski mostly blacks, a few double blacks, and not really anything groomed a lot.

At first I was thinking about buying a pair of one of the following: K2 Axis X, Volkl Vertigo G3, Rosignol Bandit XX.

Now that I'm picking up boots, my money is a little bit more limited. I COULD get away with buying skis too, but I would be pretty poor. So then I was thinking since I haven't skied any of these ski's, and the only skiing I will be doing this coming year and probably the next 3 years, is one solid trip out west per winter, MAYBE 2 TOPS.

So then I was thinking about demoing. How much does that cost, for like a week? Would i demo from a shop here, or out in utah? In utah I could try a couple different pairs of skis, and that might be better?

What do you guys think?
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I don't recommend demoing as a way to save money. I demoed a lot season before last with prices ranging from $20 to $45 a day, and found that I got what I paid for. $20 got me skis with dull edges, $45 got me demos on the hill, all the exchanges I wanted, great selection, and the skis got some lovin from the tech every time they came in. I also rented sometimes, which is just like demoing, but they give you "less desireable" skis. I found that many of the intermediate skis work very well, also.

People are very willing to spend $500 on the skis you mentioned, so if you're on a budget, it ain't gonna happen.

Here's what I'd do: shop on Ebay during the summer using either of 2 approaches. Either go with a popular manufacturer and drop down a model or 2, or go with a top ski from one of the less popular brands in a model that's a couple of years old.

Approach 1 gets you something like the K2 Escape 5500, which works GREAT and costs half as much as the Axis XP!!!!!!

Approach 2 gets you great Dynastar or Fischer or similar skis for less than half of what the new K2s or Rossis go for!!!!! Skis haven't changed that much in the last couple of years, but the older ones are CHEAP!!!!!

Either way, you can get a great deal on some VERY ENJOYABLE skis that will be a ton of FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just don't bid against me!!!!!

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Hmmm, so you really think those skis aren't much worse?

Point noted, I'd like to hear a few other people say the same thing, then I'll be confident in it...
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"Same thing." Great skis at bargain prices. (Example: waited a season, picked up Volkl P40 Plat's for a couple hundred. Same thing with my Fischer Mtn.-X's; low profile manufacturer plus off-season buy=sweet skis, low $$$.) Just have to look around, be patient, keep a few models in mind.
I have a cousin who'd do well with the K2 Escape - a great example, by the way - but he insists he HAS to have the Pro. So he'll spend the extra for a ski that's actually beyond him, all for ego. Go figure.
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Ok, sounds good, but the only one problem is, I don't have a clue what ski would compare to any of the 3 I mentioned...

Anyone wanna throw out a small list?

that k2 escape is good?
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If you do a weekly trip look into renting upper-end skis instead of demoing or renting standard rental skis. I'm not sure what the rates are but I know a large portion of the skiers I talk to at Big Sky that are visiting for a week do rent that way.
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Peter Keelty has 3 years of reviews on his site!!!:


I also keep most of my old ski magazines, even though their reviews are suspect!!!

When I demoed, I didn't find any bad skis!!!!! They are all different, but all good!!!

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I'll second the recommendation for visiting Peter Keelty's site. There's tons of good information if you're unfamiliar with a particular model/brand.

The Escape 5500 was Keelty's Best Buy last year, but I haven't seen it that much on eBay, and when I have it was no better bargain than an Axis X. At any rate, do a little research on each ski before you bid and factor in shipping (can get expensive from Canada). Lots of brand new ski/binding combos out there for less than $400, and those are from the "top" manufacturers (Atomic, K2, Rossi...). If you're still unfamiliar with a ski, post a message here.
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I don't think you'll see many 5500s coming up for sale - they are a great ski. If it wasn't for my ego, they really are the right ski for me, not the Axis X Pros that I bought!

As for other brands - if you can get your hands on Fischers at a good price, go with them. Over here they are quite popular, and they have very good edges that will stay sharp for ages (I've serviced a few pairs in my time, and I reckon they use the hardest steel of any manufacturer)

Just my thoughts.

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I don't necessarily want to start up the whole argument about buying skis over the net and not supporting local stores, etc, etc, but you might want to check out Telemark Pyrenees:


They have the Bandit XX for a reasonable price, although "reasonable" has a totally different meaning during the summer. They've also got a very good price on the Fischer Big Stix 74, which has very close geometry to the XX and skis quite similarly (for me anyway).

Just a thought.

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got this link from another thread a while back.


Then click "Closeouts"!!!

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How many days a year will you really ski, and where? If you are talking 5 days a year or so, then yeah, maybe demoing is right for you.
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Yeah, about 5 days per year.

Here is what I have lined up if I want it:

Volkl Vertigo G3 (2003) - $499 ($695 retail)
Salomon xwave 8 (2003) - $399 ($565 retail)
Solomon s912ps (2003) - ~$200 bucks (they have them in the store, but not yet priced)

All from the local shop like you guys wanted. [img]smile.gif[/img]

1100 bucks plus tax. YOUCH. How much does it cost to demo for 5 days in utah, like if i wanted to demo the volkl g3's?

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Depending on where you are going, it will cost you about $20.00 per day for a "high performance" rental. These are typically demo skis of the latest models.

Where are you in MN? Plenty of skiing on riverbanks there! You should be able to find a shop that you can demo or even work out a rental deal... Hoigaards? White Wolf? Pierce?

Wild Mountain, where I used to hang out, had two or three big demo days a year, so you can try them all without spending any money. Same at Afton, Buck Hill, Welsch... etc.

Many ski shops here sell off the two year old demo "fleet" with bindings, maybe $300 for a top of the line ski with a decent (demo style) binding on it. I've had a lot of good luck buying skis that way.

Do some barter work for a ski rep, and get them for FREE!
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In addition to Peter Keelty's website, check out www.footloosesports.com .Their staff reviews are very good and they often compare the qualities of one brand/model with others that they sell in that same category. They also carry just about all the major brands. Most of the models they review are all-mountain type skis that fit with the ski area where they are located being Mammoth Ca.

BTW, although Fischer skis have a small presence in the US they are a major brand in Europe. They have a longstanding reputation for building very high quality, durable skis. I admit to being biased in their favor having skied on them forever.

Finally, buying skis at the end of the season can easily save you 40-50% on most models. Buy before the next Thanksgiving and you can still save a lot though not as much during “spring clearance’ sales.

If you can afford to Demo first before buying then that’s the way to go. However, as has been mentioned a Demo won't give you much valuable information about its true qualities if it has not been properly tuned.

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During the ski season I'm away at college...there is a ski area (andes tower) that is like 45 minutes away...I didn't make it there last year and I doubt i will this year, maybe I'll get out there once, but that means i have to bring my skis to school...
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So whats your point?
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I have a few points...

The first is if i dont have to have another 1300 dollars worth of stuff in my dorm room that could be stolen i wont.

The second is the trouble of getting them home for christmas, as I usually just catch a ride with another person and I'd hate to be a burden and also one of my buddies cars really wouldn't fit the ski's...

This hill sucks. I'm a really picky skier. I don't really find icy/non steep slopes fun to ski. I'm bored after like a few hours, seriously.
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well, im sure you can figure out how to lock your skis. i think they make em.

2nd, keep your dorm room locked and you have nothing to worry about.

3rd, if you dont have a car at ski, your odds of skiing are slim.
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I don't know about the US, but I've found renting skis in Europe that:

a) you get much better & more helpful service when you have your own boots, particularly if they look well used. This puts you in the 'serious skier' rather than 'casual tourist' category.

b) you can get brand new skis for 3-4x the daily price of last seasons, but all that does is prove you have more money. There's nothing wrong with older ones as long as you can convince them to tune them properly. Put yourself over with the right combination of knowledge & humilty & they'll fall over themselves to help you (being female helps here).
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Yteah, i have no car, although my room mate would let me use his...also, none of my friends last year at morris skied...

maybe I'll meet somebody this year who'd do it...
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