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Need intermediate ski suggestion

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Hi All,

I'm looking to buy my first pair of skis. I've been skiing since I was a kid (I'm 40 now), but have only skied intermittently over the last 15. Now my kids are learning and I'm hoping to get out on the slopes more often. I'm 5'11", 175lbs. I ski on the East Coast (MA, VT, NH, ME), so lots of man-made snow, ice, packed powder, mostly on groomers. I'm not headed into the woods or off the back side of the mountain any time soon. I'm very comfortable on blues and can do blacks with caution. Just tried on some boots at a local store and was happy with the Lange Blaster 90's the sales guy suggested. So what skis should I be looking at? Models on my list range from Head Rev 75s, Atomic Smoke Tis, Volkl RTM 75s, among others. I am thinking 177cm, but am open to advice on length. I'm happy buying 2013 skis (don't need the latest/greatest), and would love to keep it at the low end of the $300-$500 range, bindings included. Any suggestions?



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First of all welcome to EPIC.


The rating best on slopes is not always as clear as some of the other methods (as it could be you are timid skier).  However, I'm going to hazard a guess that you are an intermediate skier (where in that range I can't guess).  That said I would likely suggest any of the skis that are in the intermediate/advance level, instead of lower level ski even if it is good for you now, you could very quickly out grow (ski) to lower level ski.


As to which ski model....I don't personally have experience with anything that you've suggest to give a fair answer and I tend to lean towards high performance skis.


Best advice is DEMO if possible, second best is look at what other people are skiing in your ability range and get their feels as to what they are skiing.


BOOTS make sure they are fitted right..

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Hi - Suggest you spend the money on some decent boots from last season, from a shop with a competent fitter (often but not always near the slopes), then grab a pair of that shops' demos from last season. Or off fleabay. New skis and boots are gonna cost you north of 1K. New boots and demos should come in around $800. 


If you already have recent vintage new boots, then the demo idea is still the ticket. Alternatively, check places like Level Nine for new models from several years ago. The skis you mention are good choices; I'd stay in the 75-85 mm range. Keep in mind, though, that the better a ski is, the less likely you'll get it for bargain prices. Finally, suggest you check Phil's recent threads on best deals, and the forum on ski gear reviews for in-depth analyses of various models. 

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