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Downsides of narrow skins

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Just got myself a new pair of skis.  They are Blizzard Gunsmoke, with a 114 mm waist.  I plan on putting a pair of AT frame bindings on them.  Will use them mostly as in-resort powder skis, with the occasionnal sidecountry trip.  I do not plan on doing extended backcountry trekking on them.


My current AT steup is a pair of Dynastar Mythic Riders, with Naxo NX21 bindings.  They have an 88 mm waist.  I am keeping those skis.


Since I already own a set of climbing skins for the Dynastar MRs, what would be the downside of using these same skins (85 mm wide) on the wider Gunsmokes? 

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Lots of uncovered surface, particularly at the edges, which is where you really need traction. A long, steepish traverse is going to be a hate fest in certain conditions. Spring for new skins.
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There will be a limit on the steepness that you'll be able to climb straight up due to the amount of uncovered base, but more significant will be that when traversing or climbing sidehill the lack of skin on the edges of the base may well cause significant slipping.

Keeping your angles of attack as mellow as possible will help. It may become a major PITA though.

Edit: markojp for the win.
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I don't know if you shop Sierra Trading Post, but they have a ton of different BD skins on now, and with the extra 35% off, they are $70-$80 or so. I have a discount code if you need. 

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Take her up on that one, Paco!

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

Take her up on that one, Paco!


PM sent!

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One last question:  For a ski that is 114mm at the waist, and has a fair amount of sidecut, should I go with 110 mm skins, or 125 mm skins and trim them at the waist.  

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Get the 125.  Another option for skins is  I have a few pairs from them and like them a lot.  Pro-form prices for the general public.

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There is nothing like the feeling of being on steep up track and having your skins let go.  Whenever possible go with wall to wall carpeting. If you are going to try and save weight or money, narrower skins are the last place to do it, unless you plan on sticking to just mellow climbs.

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What TPJ said, Paco - go with 125s. I buy skins (and pretty much all of my skis have them) that are closest to the width of the skis' tails, better a little wider than less.

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For the cheapskate option - do your own splitskin hack - leaves skin near edges?

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Originally Posted by fatbob View Post

For the cheapskate option - do your own splitskin hack - leaves skin near edges?

Possible, but tricky.
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Here's a "How To" video for trimming



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Granted and given specific tip n tail fixings perhaps impossible but I've seen it done.

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I say try them and you will see... 3 mm is nothing... As long as the difference on the tail and the head is small too...

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114 waisted ski... 85mm waisted skin... that's a wee more than 3mm per side, mogs, and we're not even accounting for the differences in tip and tail width.

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oups... saw the 88 and the 85 but didn't saw the 114... ( it was late...) 

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But now this thread makes sense...

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But at the same time, I have a pair of kickers ( 2.5 feet by 5-6 cm ) that I can put on the grip zone ( under the feet) of my nordic skis and even if it doesn't cover a lot, it can do wonders... but I must admit that they work best when the snow is hard or in less than a feet of fluffy stuff...

I didn't tried them on my alpine skis yet but I am curious to do so... I'm thinking of using them when I ski resort. They do not take a lot of space compare to regular skins and could be handy if I get a little too much out of the boundary and have a 30 minutes ride to come back to the lifts...

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Kickers work great for particular skis and terrain, but not so much when there's a lot of steep 'up'. 

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That's what I think too... 

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