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Difference between Salomon X120 vs Salomon Pro 120

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Need some "knowlegeable" person who really knows difference between these two boots made by Salomon.

Their site does not help.

Young sales rep does not help.

Email to Salomon headquarters in France does not help.


I get different information from well known boot fitters.


Please help me clarify which model I should get.


With great respect to all,


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 do you mean between an x-max 120 vs an x-pro 120? 



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The various differences given to me were;


Pro has a wider initial shell

Pro has a "softer" shell ( easier to widen)

Pro's liner more material


Just marketing lingo


Just outside difference


If you read all marketing literature same information for both.


I am a ski guide that skis all season in places far away from ski shops. Must have comfort,,plus performance. Comfort always comes first.


I always have two pairs of ski boots with me.


I hope you can advise me Jim.


Thank you so much


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x-max vs x-pro...................


both boots are generous in volume for the initial fit out of the box. i found that with the x-max i could ski it in a 26 shell instead of my normal size of 27. with the x-pro the fit is huge, in my measured size, i could have put on three pair of extra socks just to get a little fit tension, and that is out of the box without heat molding the shell. which in the case of custom shell, they can only increase in size and volume when heated up.


to help you make your choice, i would need to get more feedback in terms of what boots you have skied recently that worked well.


a ski boots performance is related to how well it grips the foot around the heel/ankle/instep area. both 120 models work well for feet that are on the thicker and meatier side. what are your feet like?



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I impressed.

Thank you so much for information.

The "reduce to lower size issue" on these boots is one I am looking into. There again seems to be two camps on this issue.

I have feet that are not same size.

I have a serious first toe swelling at first articulation.

I will try both models and determine which is best for me.

I am well aware of the cushion effect on boot liners, thus try to get a "tight fit" in October. By April after skiing every day I insert some padding between boot shell and liner. I special very thin foam sheet with n alu side. Thus I get that tight nice fit still.


All my boots have been modified initially over the first month ( in September). I have several boots; Head Raptor 115, Fischer Hybrid 12flex 120, Salomon Falcons 130. The Heads are the very best fit with major heat work on toe area. I do not care how boots looks. It is the fit that is most important. Thus I have an evident bump on the toe area.


Again thank you for your well informed answer.


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Jim has it covered, but based on your last post saying the Raptor 115 was the best fit you have had consider the following... the X Pro will almost certainly be too much volume....


the raptor is a 96mm last in size 26 (the 98mm that they state on the website is in a size 27) it has a lower instep, smaller toe box and shorter internal &and external length than the X Max, 


my money would be to stick with a Raptor and have the work done, although the salomons are great boots, they are great boots for higher volume feet


good luck getting sorted, let us know how you go



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Cem and Jim ,


Thank you for excellent comments.

All my boots are "modified" due to strange feet. That is why I hesitate whenever I am offered pro deals. I do not change boots easily. Salomon  X boots are getting very good comments from fellow skiers and I have a chance to get some this year.

Clearly you know your "stuff" and I appreciate your comments.


90% chance that I will go with the  X MAX 120 with some serious modifications on the left boot.


Yes I will keep you posted.


Are you free for some heli trips in March ? You can come as "boot consultants"! Often there are free places due to last minute cancellations. Just have your kit ready. I will call you .


Again thank you so much,


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