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There are idiots, like a group whose ski was stolen so they were going to walk - the very very wrong way - to their car. It saves hassles and costs and maybe deaths to stick them on a guest services or SP skidoo rather than go out looking for them in bleak conditions




Broken bindings, even on a new board, is good service.



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I agree with this, but if you want help you should be able to get it.  But I don't understand what people want help with.  I've always just bought the ticket and went skiing.   If they got rid of the lines,event at a customer service desk, then you could ask a customer service desk if you had a question without delay.  My only concern is that the operations are smooth - good parking, or quick shuttle, small lift lines, terrain management.  To me a hotel should have awesome customer service, but I don't see the need for basically any at all at a ski resort.  the operations yes, but customer service, I really don't get it.



People need help when things are not going as planned, promised or sold as.


That is when and where good guest service makes or breaks your net promoter score.

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Has ABC been groomed lately?


Is XYZ open yet?


These are questions that I ask at my own resort even though I am very familiar with the layout, what trails get groomed, etc. I'm usually asking a patrol as they seem to be the best sources, especially for early season and post-storm openings.


Can I get to XYZ from this lift?


Do I need to take another lift to get to ABC?


Where is the closest restroom?


These are questions I ask at resorts I'm not familiar with or if I want to make sure I'm getting on the right lift to get somewhere. I suspect the majority of the skiing population at resorts aren't familiar with the layout and/or have trouble interpreting maps or understanding where the are.


At a resort, the lifties, patrol, ambassadors, instructors, cafeteria staff as well as 'customer service desk' folks are there to provide customer service, IMO. They all represent customer facing personnel that have a stake in satisfaction of the customer as in maintaining their own job. They all should be friendly and helpful. Of that group, I interface with the lifties the most and find that they are among the least friendly of the employees at the area. That is just plain wrong. If I were in management at a resort, I'd address that.

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Come to Mammoth! The lifties there are a RIOT! That mountain has definitely made a major push on the customer service front.

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I look forward to visiting Mammoth someday. I've never been and I hear I've been missing a lot.

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I hear there's a gathering there this coming March :D

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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond. Some of the opposing answers reinforce the artistry needed for competent custie service
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