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When to Verbier?

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We are able to be flexible on our vacation plans this year and we'd like to go to Verbier - first time.

We are trying to decide when is the best time to go; January-February for better ski conditions or late late March early April for spring skiing?

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I have a good friend in Aspen that goes to Verbier in late January every year.
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I'd go with mid-January up to early February. Christmas/New Year's will be crowded and expensive obvsiously. But, so will mid- to late-February because of school holidays around Europe (like spring break in the US).
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I'd do spring myself. You're more likely to get clear skies. Or maybe not. It's a crapshoot. 

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I am going to Verbier on March 28 for a long weekend.

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Never been to Verbier, don't know if it has some special location with its microclimate but usually end of March is not the best. Although depends what kind of skiing u like. I find skiing at 10°C exhausting
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For warmer and stable weather go late March, still plenty of snow higher up. That said going there is a hit or miss any time of the year. There is no definite period during which it is either solely dumping or sunny.


What you can be sure of though is that during a major snow storm the resort gets invaded by the locals living down the Rhone valley or on Lake Geneva, creating fierce competition for first tracks.

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And I think Verbier is very overrated anyways. Go to Andermatt instead, or to Damüls in Austria if you want less powder stress. Or Monterosa in Italy. Seen this map of off-piste tracks over there? Pretty accessible from Milan too. And then the food...


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A few years ago my son and I did verbier the last weekend in March. We had the worst day of the season ( wind closed 80% of mtn then got stuck on far end and had long wait for bus to get back to car since lifts closed) followed by the best day of the season - powder and blue sky = laps off Mt Fort. The snow was a bit icy from thaw then freeze that time of year, but the new snow (until warming in afternoon) made all ok. We loved mt fort but thought the other slopes were just ok (but they were hard to top mt fort pow). Check the killer pow morning video: http://vimeo.com/11301058
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