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Very confused which skis to get. Please help me.

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A little bit about my self, I'm 28 years old, 6'1 185 lb and good shape. I live in on the East Coast so mainly I ski in New York , PA, and Vermont so there is not a lot of powdery snowy days usually icy/packed powder with once in a while powderish days. However I do make it to Colorado or Canada for really nice powder once or twice a year. I've been skiing on salmon x-wing 10 (http://www.ski-review.com/ski_reviews/review/salomon_x-wing_10_2007/ ) for last 5 years and they served me well but it's time for an upgrade. I'd consider my self an above average skier, I like to ski fast and would like a ski that would help me be able to make quick turns. Also I'm learning to ski moguls and would also like something that's not so stiff that is going to prevent me from doing so. I was looking into Kastle brand since a lot of people have been praising it. One of the skis im considering is Kasltle MX 78 178cm however after reading dawgcatching's review i'm getting confused as to what's better for me. The big drawback for me is the length of the ski. I think that 178cm maybe too long but next size down is 168cm which might be too short. Then in back of my mind I think maybe mx 83 173cm is perfect but it's not as much of a carver as MX 78 is. Or maybe i should look into Kastle Lx series. I would appreciate any recommendation you may have for me. I've been to local ski shops they all give different advises, some say salomon enduro, or volkl rtm or fisher progressive 8000. I have looked at online reviews and every one has different reviews for same skis even. If you have other skis that maybe more suited for my needs I would love to hear them. Thank you for your time. Hope I was not very confusing.
Thank you for your time every one.
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I'm sure it's not the answer you're looking for, but have you had or will you have the opportunity to demo anything at all?  You'd be surprised what you can learn from demo'ing just a few different pairs of skis.  Even if you don't end up buying something you demo'ed, it'll tell you a lot about what you like and what you don't.


I can't really help with specific ski selections as I ski on the opposite coast with pretty different snow conditions (very different from PA and NY at least, I grew up skiing in PA), someone else can probably help you a little better with that.  But seriously, if you can demo at all, you'd probably find it pretty enlightening.


Oh, and welcome to Epic!

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I ski the east coast and I think your choices are good. I have only skied the rx12 in 178 cm and I think that length would work well for you on the mx78. I also think the mx83 is a good carver according to all the reviews. Either ski would be good so look for a good price and don't stress.


I am 6'4", 250 lbs, expert. The 178 cm ski was too short for me. For me I prefer 180-190 skis.

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My two cents worth:


178 cm is definitely not too long for someone of your size.  It may even be short, depending on your ability level and skier type.  173cm sounds short for someone who is 6'1".


Also, for eastern ski conditions, with an occasional trip out west, you may want to look at skis in the mid to high 80s range.  (85-89mm at the waist) They are an excellent compromise of hard snow/soft snow performance.  Since you ski primarily in the East, and you may want the proverbial "one ski quiver", that may be your best bet. 


FYI, I am 5'9" 180 pds., level 9 skier, live in the East and go out west once a year.   I ski with all mountain 178 cm skis with an 88mm waist and 21 m turn radius.  I have yet to encounter conditions that these skis cannot handle.


Since you seem to be inclined to go with Kastle skis, the MX88 might be a good choice in that class of skis.  I have no personal experience of that ski, but I keep hearing good things about them.

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Some areas have a demo day, where different ski makers bring skis for people to try out for free, you get to use a few different ones this way. You could check into this as well. I feel it is hard to tell some one what to get unless you have seen them ski, and what they may like, what I like may not feel good to you.
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Get the MX78 in 168.  For where you ski most of the time it will not be too big for you; at 185 lbs, you are close to the middle of the pack weight wise.  The ski comes in three lengths, 168 is the middle weight.  It might be short for big hills out west with lots of snow, but it's good for where you are doing most of your skiing (Personally, if it were me buying, I would get the RX12 in 176 and make do in the bumps, or more likely, buy a cheap used flexxy bendy ski specifically for bumps and off-piste tight trees, but that's just me).

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If you are learning to ski bumps, the MX's are not your best options, they are fairly stiff and uncompromising. There are some low 80mm skis that will work well for what you want, hold on the Pocono Powder, carve pretty well, be ok in the bumps and a good foundation ski for a trip west, provided that you don't get a dump and if you do, you can rent a big ski. My suggestion for a short list...

Rossi experience 83 or 88
Head Rev 85
Blizzard magnum 8.5 or brahma

All those skis have some early rise tip and tail (the Rev has just tip) and have enough shape to carve well and hold on the firmer snow. I would suggest staying in the upper 170/low 180 range.. There are a pair of Mag 8.5's posted here for sale for $400 w/ bindings that are a great deal. Start Haus has some Nordica Hot Rod Burners in a 178 that would also be a great option.
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