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Icon tt 80 176

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Can anyone comment on them? Thinking about getting them since I can use its powerrail binding PR11 on my other skis, I already 71, 76 , 80 and 88 waist skis most Ontario/ Vermont

Should I get it or just get the prd12 for 139 from evo..

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I had a pair for a while.  Good hard snow ski with some versatility in softer conditions.  I thought the 176 was too long for its intended purpose. THe 170 skis much better which is why there are deals on the longer model. 

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Agreed, the 176 is a bit long.  They ski more like SL skis (short radius carver, to be precise), so a 176 is overkill really.  165 or 170 is fine for slicing the hardpack around here.  I purposely went shorter and use them exclusively here in Ontario when I take the family (unless those rare days where it's puking snow).  I do bring them to Vermont as well, just in case, but I prefer something considerably wider out there.


I have 67, 75, 92, and 98 wide skis.  I'm planning on selling the middle two pairs in the group, I really don't need them to be honest.  I'm focusing on the ends of the spectrum since that covers most of the skiing I do most of the time.  If it's hard, I'll take the 67.  If it's not, then the 98.  Trips out west I take the 98.  Works good for me, though technically I should have something in the mid-80s to fill the gap, but I'm fine for now.


I have the PR11, works beautifully.  Not too heavy, lends a bit of stifness/heft under the foot but still enough flex in the ski overall.  I'm 6'2", 190, more of a charger, and I have no problems flexing them.

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