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Ski suggestions [intermed/adv woman in SLC]

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Hi all,


I am considering getting some new skis this year, but not quite sure where to start... 

I am 5'8" 160 lbs.  Although I've been skiing since I was a kid, I am a super cautious skier, which doesn't really help me progress as quickly as I would like. I currently ski at Alta, and a couple of days at Park City resorts, and previously I was an East Coast skier. I would say I am an intermediate-advanced skier, but I am still not comfortable in powder, or on super steep/narrow stuff. I have the Head Mojos, but I feel like they are better suited for a more aggressive skier, and I would like something lighter and more fun, if that makes sense. 

I am looking for a ski that that would do well on Alta groomers/bumps/crud and would allow me to get more comfortable in powder. But also, something that would work in Park City (which tends to be much more hard / icy, which I can't handle gracefully with the mojos).  

I've been reading about Atomic Century, Nordica Nemesis, and Volkl Auras, which sound like they might work. Any thoughts on any of these or additional suggestions on what to try out this year would be super appreciated.  


Thanks so much!  

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If  you provide some info on your current ski ( the mojo's)  Model, length, tune, bindings and what you like about them and don't it would help

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Blizzard Black Pearls! Which also happen to be on sale at STP with the current coupon (or you can use the discount offered via epicski) for under $300.


I am similar in description as an advancing skier who is held back by a lot of fear. The Black Pearls helped me with my confidence SO much! They are light as can be and FUN FUN FUN!!


You should join the skidiva group that is having their annual meetup in late January at Snowbasin. Right now there are around 30 women of all levels from all over the country who will be there for a week!


If paying full price or near full price for new skis is not an issue, then I highly recommend you spend a day or more demoing different skis. Just make sure the Black Pearls are on that list ;)  I bought mine after spending a day on demos. I took them out and never returned them after skiing two other skis.

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