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Ski Make:Stockli
Ski Model:Laser SL
Ski Length:161
Snow Conditions Used In:Eastern hardpack, and plenty of ice
Number of Days Used:3
Your Ability:Expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:21
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:30
Other Skis You Like:Volkl Supersport 5 Star, Salomon pocket rocket
Your Height/Weight:5'10" 170 lbs
The first thing I noticed immediately about this ski is the stiff tail. Im just coming off the Supersport 5 Stars I used all lkast year, but wanted something this year with more "bite" and overall energy. After hearing so much about Stockli, I went with the Laser SL's w/ Tyrolia LD12 bindings. Again, on my very first run, I took a spill just a few turns down the mountain! I was so used to the more forgiving nature of the 5 Stars, I didn't realize these would be that drastically different. Anyways, to be honest, for the first few runs, I actually did not like the Stocklis at all. But, as these are olympic racing skis, I knew they would take at least a day to get used to.
The last half of the day, I was much much more comfortable. I started to see why these skis are so highly regarded. In all honesty, these skis simply have no upper speedlimit. I must have been going around 50 or so and, as long as you hold them on edge, they were more stable than the 5 Stars I sued to think were so incredible (which I still think they are a great ski).
These skis are turning machines with its 13m radius, quick turns are effortless, and extremely powerful! This ski has what the 5 Star lacked, the absolute ability to bounce back with the maximum amount of force used when making those hardcore whippy short turns. To my suprise, its also good at long turns as well, but to be honest, speed is necessary to pull off some decent long radius turns. I can see why this is an olympic racer, it held on the eastern ice better than any ski Ive ever owned (and everyone who lives in the northeast knows how bad the ice is ESPECIALLY now).