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Quick fake check

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I'm thinking about this one... Fake or not fake?


edit: Looks real so far..





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Looks like a seller with a NY shipping address that sells lots of name brand merchandise for WAY less than any licensed outlet would sell the products for.  Could be legit right?




Personally, I don't care if something is fake as long as it is functional and affordable.  Now, the trademark owners probably care quite a bit though!

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Google Spyder Zermatt and go to Images. Is there a SINGLE other picture on that page with the same pattern? Not that I saw.
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The pattern is different. Of course, it looks SIMILAR. Knock offs always look similar. Of course, the eBay Link is for a used coat. Maybe it's from ten years ago and never worn.
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Buying Spyder skiwear on eBay is about as safe as broadcasting your email address on every internet forum you can find.  I certainly wouldn't risk $300 on a used "Spyder" jacket, but then I wouldn't even spend $300 on a new one either.

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Crap, my wife is selling my jacket, better hide the skis!

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