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I own a pair of Garmont Endorphin AT boots.  Although they have interchangeable DIn and touring (Vibram) soles, I much prefer the latter for walking, climbing, and snow grip generally.


On my current AT set-up, I use Naxo NX 21 bindings, and they work well with the touring sole of the Endorphin.  


I just got myself a pair of Blizzard Gunsmoke (114 mm waist) and wish to set it up with an AT binding, so that I can use my Endorphins, without need to swap the soles.  These new skis will likely see some sidecountry use, occasionnal skinning, but no long ascents or treks on skins.  Therefore, downhill performance is more important than uphill performance of the bindings.


Of all the options out there, the Salomon Guardian looks like the most interesting one, because of the wide frame, low stack height, and general rigidity.  However, Salomon deems their binding to be only compatible with DIN soles and their own touring soles.  I understand that this is due to the fact that the AFD in their toepiece is not a sliding one.  BTW, the endorphins feature a teflon plate at the front of the sole.  Not sure how it would mate with the AFD in the Guardian.


Has anyone tried the garmont Endorphins in the Guardians or in the Atomic Tracker, which is the same binding?