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junior racer one ski or two?

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I have a first year U12 who will be racing his third season this year.  I bough him a pair of perfect condition slightly used Rossi JR SL skis for this season. They came from my older son's coach who thinks at that age(10) one ski is till fine for two events. we ski in CT so its just SL and GS at that age and there is nothing particularly steep. Hes a good skier(not podium but some top 10"s) and loves the sport.  Any thoughts on one set of skis vs two at this age? the SL's come up to his nose

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I never had GS skis until age 16. Skied SL and GS on SL skis. Then again, I wasn't any good. :D But I doubt it was th skis holding me back.

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My (only) kid always had two pairs and then 4 pairs by U14, but we admittedly spoil him, but even into U16, we often purchased used skis so it kind of worked out to the equivalent of one new pair, sometimes less. Now in FIS - 5 brand new pairs this year, thank god for manufacturer race programs.


At the size he is probably running, there isn't a huge difference in turn radius on the skis so you, which is one of the considerations for specialized skis, and length/stiffness again probably aren't a big issue. It may be easier on you to consider two pairs of the same and do training/racing or rotate between, to keep one in top shape for race days - easier to keep tuned.

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Check with your state/region for their rules. Some age groups have a 1 ski rule. Your coach should be able to give you the best advise. The USSA Comp guide has a chart with all the equipment information.

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As a previous coach of that age range I would say 1 ski is fine. When your son becomes a higher end J4 you probably want to get a GS ski also. I would guess the majority of the training they do is GS, no? Atleast where I grew up we did not start skiing slalam gates right away. 

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I haven't been able to adapt to the new nomenclature (u14) either.
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Thanks all. I think I'll stick with one ski and if his coaches think he needs two then I'll make that move. I'll definitely have slip/training skis for him,

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