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Black Diamond Havoc

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Ski Make: Black Diamond
Ski Model: Havoc
Ski Length: 173cm
Snow Conditions Used In: powder, crud, groomers, hardpack
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Level 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25+
Other Skis You Like: Fischer BigStix 8.6, Fischer Worldcup Race SC, Volkl G3, K2 Axis X
Your Height/Weight: 5'10", 160 lbs


This ski is mounted with Naxo AT binders. I skied it with Garmont MegaRide boots. It is my deep snow and backcountry setup. Skied at Snowbowl. Conditions: 3" new overnight, about 5" new yesterday, pow & crud on most runs, groomers had some hardpack, moguls had hardpack on downhill sides. Dry, cold, squeaky snow.

Very nice-feeling ski, feels like a calmed GS racer on the groomers, but was quick and agile in the deep pow/crud of the trees. Because I'm still getting used to my AT setup, and especially the boots, I wasn't able to command these skis as I would with full alpine binders & boots. Still, I could sense what lays in store with this ski. FUN! I skied everything today, from trees to big moguls, to crud fields, to groomers. Very fun ski in all conditions, but clearly biased toward crud and deep snow.

Once I finish dialing in my MegaRide boots to get a more precise fit, I'll report back with overall impressions. I'm also going to ski 'em with my alpine boots (Salomon Course X-Scream) to see how they respond to a laterally quick boot.
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Gonzo. I am from Missoula. Learned to ski at the Bowl in the 70's. A friend of mine was in Missoula in August (also an old snow bowler) and he said it looked like the bowl was burning up. Bad forest fire. Good to hear you are skiing there. I guess you still have a chair huh?!? Okay so rip one down the west bowls over to west ridge for me! Awe, take another one down the griz too!!

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yep, there were fires near the Bowl, but not actually affecting the Bowl's terrain. The worst fires near Missoula were at Black Mountain, Blue Mountain, and Schwartz Creek/Cooney Ridge. Cooney Ridge was still burning long after August 2003 - The Month of Smoky Hell.
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Gonzo can you use an Alpine Boot with that Naxo Binding? and what are the dimentions of your skis?
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U49, yes... I am skiing them tomorrow with my alpine boots, I just have to re-adjust the binding track.

As for more info on the Havoc, go here: Black Diamond Havoc web page
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g.s.- care to give more of a review on the naxo's?

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so far so good, only took one spill that day and had no need for release. they feel stable as an alpine binding to me. I'll be putting more time in on them as the season passes and the backcountry gets a better base.
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so far so good w/ the naxos (10 days).

they give up a bit of torsional ridigity on extremely hard surfaces, but otherwise great on the downhill side. on the groomers, the can seriously carve a trench, and the floating heel gives a wonderfully round sesation.

done about 3000 vertical meters of climbing. i love them in flat to moderate terrain, but feel that freerides are better in steep skinning situations on hard snow b/c they're torsionally stiffer in touring mode (at the toe). i'm going to buy the crampon though and that should help solve the problem.
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