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Rossignol 9X World Cup Race Stock

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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: 9X WC Race Stock
Ski Length: 181cm
Snow Conditions Used In: ice, granular
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: racer
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60ish
Other Skis You Like: Salomon Rossi, and Elan Race stock skis, Xtra Hot
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 155lbs

Comments: This is a real ski! These things are great. Unfortunately they did not have the new race stock plate on them, only a regular pps for demo purposes, but i got the idea behind the ski... the WC plate can only make it ski better! First the good things: They make any shape turn you want, and they like tight turns, and are good at them. They have rock solid edgehold - they plain dont move on ice- accept in their chosen arc, which is always a plus. They are very soft, and therefore require focus going into your turn, but once you have locked into the turn, you can just roll in and out with no trouble at all. The bad/indifferent things now: They arent as stable as my 182 Salomon Gs skis at high speed, but they turn easier, so it is a wash. they arent really that damp either. You can easily feel the snow and ice you are skiing over. This is a good things for some and bad for others, so it really depends how you like your skis to feel in a course. Personally i prefer to have a ski that feels like in skiing on silk when im in the course. If i had the $500 laying around, i would get a pair of these as my new turny course skis, simply because they turn really easy, and you can push on them in a turn and they react instantly.


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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: 9X WC Race Stock
Binding/Plate World Cup RK plate
Ski Length: 181cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Nastar Course, softish conditions
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: racer
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 54
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 40-ish
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 170 SX11, 184 R:EX
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 185lbs

I first ran 2 runs on my SX11s to get a time comparison. Unfortunately it warmed up and the course got a bit slower as the day wore on, and I neglected to take the last run on the SX11s to get a better comparison.

The RXs very smooth, very stable, and very fast-feeling. They turned easily after you were up to speed - before that it was an effort. They were much slower through the first turn, and probably a bit slower through the second and third. I'm certain they were quite a bit faster than the SX11s after those first turns, but the total times on the 9Xs were a few 10ths slower (note the conditions changes mentioned above, however).

The RXs had much less of a "rail" feel through the turn than the SX11s, but held and carved as well. The bottoms felt like rocket ships.

Question: I skied the RXs with the plate fixed in the middle and floating on both ends as it came from the factory. I have the inserts to fix either end of the plate I choose; Rossi says this will stiffen that end of the ski considerably. To make an easier entry into the first turn at slow speed, should I fix the front and center of the plate (making it stiffer to react more quickly), or the center and the rear (making the front relatively softer in relation to the rest of the ski)? What think all of you?

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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: 9X WC Race Stock
Ski Length: 175cm
Snow Conditions Used In: ice, granular, sugary snow
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: racer/coach
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 13
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 40ish
Other Skis You Like: Head iSL RD, Rossi 9S Race Stock, Rossi Scratch FS, Salomon Equipe 10 2V with the wide tails
Your Height/Weight: 5'8" 165lbs

Comments: These are my brother's skis, who is the same height as me, but 35 lbs lighter than me at 130 lbs. I have only freeskied on these skis, so I cannot comment on their course performance. This is a great GS ski that initiates easily, probably due to the short length. The most remarkable quality is the agility of the ski. For a GS ski, it can really be thrown around, probably good for correcting line or making a tight gate. Also, like Greg said, this ski will turn any radius desired. Energy is good, much better than my Salomon 2V's. The only downfall of this ski is stability. This may be due to the short length, but this ski lacks that train track feeling I like in a GS ski. It would make a great choice for turny courses, but a longer length is a must for someone of my size. This is a ski for racers who like a ski they can throw around, similar to a slalom ski.
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Update to my question posed above re: the effect of stiffening the RK plate front/back. By the way, I should clarify that I have and am using the official Rossignol instructions for setting up this plate four different ways.

Previously I reported on the setting that fixed the plate in the middle and leaves both the front and back "floating". That is the way the ski comes, and is the setting Rossi recommends for juniors and less agressive racers. Recently I got a chance to try the two other settings - I was not able to run a course during this test, however.

With the plate in the front-stiffened position that Rossi says is most used on the World Cup, the ski seemed a bit more "beefy", and started the turn a shade better, I thought. A nice ride on this setting, and I am anxious to try it in the course this way. I got into some fairly deep soft frozen granular sugar snow at one point, and concluded that these are indeed front-side racers only...

With the plate in the alternative rear-stiffened position, this ski lost all of its great attributes - turn initiation was dismal, and carving was mediocre - to the point that I could not get the expected benefit of the "pop" that I felt I should have come out of the turn with. I purposely went to the soft granular area again; this setting was even less desireable in it.

The fourth way to set this plate is to fix both front and rear and leave the middle floating - Rossi does not recommend this setting and says edge grip will suffer if you use it.
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