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I have taken these off my bike and it is sitting around, so I think that I will try to move them.They are in used but not abused condition and the is priced accordingly


SRM Professional crankset (Original SRM own-brand) - 4 guage model

Shimano BB-ES30 Octalink bottom bracket

Wired PC-V computer (+charger, interface cable)


So here's the deal, I have replaced the battery in the PC-V, but the ribbon cable for the LCD screen broke. The electronics tech at work fixed for me, so it is 100% OK. I have had the cranks for 3 years, ride 2-3000km/year and bought them used so I don't know when the batteries were last changed. Everything worked great when I pulled them off the bike in June. The cranks need an occasional tightening on the BB.


I am looking to get $600 out of it (you pay shipping from Ottawa Canada + paypal fees) and given that new ones are $3K I think this is a fair deal.


If interested, let me know.