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Salomon toe piece

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I have a pair of Solly Impact CS10's--well used but shells still good. The toe pieces are quite worn. Salomon no longer makes toe pieces for this boot and I've tried every shop in town. The shop was able to mount new bindings for them but the wear is starting to reach into the flat section that rides on the AFD. Will probably not be able to mount the next pair of bindings. (And the chance I can get my son to use ski trax or the like is zero). Any way to finesse a replacement for the toe pieces?

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Note that this boot sole wear on the heel and toe, severely affects the connection integrity between the boot and binding because of the convex shape of the boot sole.  The boot literally rocks back and forth in the system and is like having a huge amount of base bevel on the skis causing poor edge control.  Time for new boots unless you can find some new soles somewhere.


good luck!

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Agree with Bud.  Also in general I try to steer everyone away from being tempted by the replaceable soles since by the time they are worn most manufacturers or suppliers no longer have the parts.



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The boots are still solid in the bindings but no room for further wear. He's had no problems skiing (but this is a guy who managed to ski perfectly well on a steep icy WROD all day without noticing his boot weren't buckled). Any suggestions for a fix--any other model's toe pieces that might work? Trim to fit? 

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Keep your eyes out at your area ski swaps and sales for the soles you need!

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